Now that we have talked about what is coming in iBank for Mac, let me loop back and talk about where we are with iBank for iPad. Though we quickly submitted a large set of fixes addressing some of the major issues that users found with version 1.0, we are still awaiting App Store approval… Read More

When we were finishing up the beta testing and bug fixing of iBank for iPad, I came across an unusual report in our bug tracking system. The title was, “Improve UI for Kittens”. Curiosity got the best of me so I investigated. As I pored over the details of the bug report, it quickly became… Read More

We’ve hit a major milestone with iBank for iPad — we are now officially in beta. I realize that the “beta” milestone means different things for different people and companies. For us, it means we are feature-complete and will only be fixing bugs before the 1.0 release. So I’m here today to share with you… Read More