When we were finishing up the beta testing and bug fixing of iBank for iPad, I came across an unusual report in our bug tracking system. The title was, “Improve UI for Kittens”. Curiosity got the best of me so I investigated. As I pored over the details of the bug report, it quickly became apparent that the entire thing could be summed up with the video the QA employee attached to the task. When you are close to finishing a project the size of iBank for iPad, you learn to appreciate these humorous moments.

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5 comments on “UI for Kittens

  • Ian,
    It is great to see that in the tweets, that it was submitted to the Apple Store. Great news and congrats. Can you please enlighten us on more of the features? There have been several questions that have gone unanswered in that last couple of blog posts and I think it would helpful to your users if many of them were answered.
    For example:
    1) Will we be able to run the same sorts of reports that iBank for Mac can do?
    2) Will we be able to schedule transactions and confirm scheduled transactions?
    3) Sync with iBank mobile (without having to boot up my computer)
    3b) if this is not possible, how can iBank mobile customers who do not own iBank for Mac be able to sync?
    4) Will bimonthly schedules be supported (other than creating two scheduled transactions)?
    5) Will last day of the month scheduled transactions be supported?
    6) Several language questions?
    7) Will AirPrint be available (especially for checks)?

    This is just a brief review of some big questions that have not been answered yet and I know I for one would like to know before buying.

    Thank you.

  • @Mike C, Here are the quick answers, but please see our webpage, http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibankforipad/ and stop by our LiveChat http://www.iggsoftware.com/support to ask any specific questions.

    1) Yes and no, “reports” are very different on the iPad app, in some ways easier and more dynamic to use, but less flexibility for v1.
    2) Yes and no, you can create “bills”, which are essentially scheduled transactions. For v1 you can’t post them; they act as reminders.
    3) Yes, via any WebDAV provider (e.g. CloudSafe.com)
    4) Yes, you create two schedules “attached” to one bill/income. Same as iBank for Mac.
    5) No
    6) It will only be in English (at least for now)
    7) There is no printing for v1.

  • Hi.
    I’m a satisfied iBank Mobile user and iBank for Mac user, and I really can’t wait for iBank for iPad.
    So, I was going to buy it but… iBank for iPad is not available on Italian App Store !!
    Will it be distributed on European app store also? I don’t mind the “only be in English” part (anyway you should think about it for >v1), and I don’t mind about direct access ’cause my financial db is on iBank Mac, but.. I just want to buy it! 🙂

  • Hi. The iPad app looks great.

    Will we be able to use all of the transaction types from iBank for Mac (ATM, Online, POS, and Charge) not just Withdrawal, Deposit, Check, and Transfer?

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