We first launched Banktivity (called “iBank” at the time) 20 years ago. In the world of tech, software and start-ups, that was a long time ago! For several years our first versions didn’t have any “connected services”. That is, any update you wanted to make to your finances had to be done manually with keystrokes… Read More

We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing Banktivity 9 for macOS, iPadOS and iOS. This new version includes some of our most requested customer features like reports on iOS, single-line register, UI scaling on Mac, archiving of historical data and more powerful scheduled transactions. We also implemented numerous other enhancements like better… Read More

Hello, my name is Nancy Libby and I manage IGG’s tech support team. This blog post is a little different than some of our past ones as it doesn’t focus on our products, but rather it focuses on the team and experience supporting our products. Day to day life as tech support specialists All of… Read More