We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing Banktivity 9 for macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

This new version includes some of our most requested customer features like reports on iOS, single-line register, UI scaling on Mac, archiving of historical data and more powerful scheduled transactions. We also implemented numerous other enhancements like better reinvested divided handling, revamped budget UI, persisting of columns when importing CSV files, better cloud sync, improved reconciling and more.

Banktivity 9 requires macOS Catalina and/or iOS 13 or higher. You can download the new version here.

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62 comments on “Now Available: Banktivity 9

  • What am I missing? there is no new file extension. there is no clear way to use single line register. looks like nothing changed

  • On the Summary page on my Mac… the Income/Spending Summary now displays “Last 12 Months” and “Last Month” Previously this was “Last 365 Days” and “Last 30 Days” ie it was on a daily rolling basis rather than calendar month basis. How do I get that back?


  • The update process won’t work if Banktivity is not on your internal volume. But, if you copy the Banktivity file to the internal volume, upgrade it, and move it back to the original start point it works fine.

  • In my case, I am missing the budget currency aligned with the currency we set in the settings “Display currency”. I moved countries and with this simple move I could see my budgeted vs Actual in the currency I am leaving now (even if the Accounts were created years ago in original currency). Any chances to have this implemented? Thanks!

  • Just updated. I tried running the update from the prompt a couple of times but both times the update failed with an error report that I “sent to Apple.”

    However, I then rebooted my Mac (I’m running Ventura 13.4.1.(c)) and was able to upgrade the release as well as my file. All seems well now. If anyone else is having this installation problem, try rebooting.

  • What is the source for home values? the value shown for my home is $500K below Zillow. Any way to change the source information?

  • When I select the date to edit a given schedule in any of my previously scheduled transactions under Payees, Schedules, Rules, the app crashes.

    • Dear Ian I don’t ask you to make Banktivity 9 user manual PDF for us Gold Plan users which would be awesome, but a Banktivity change log on this website is absolutely necessary with some short instructions how to use new features. Maybe something like Obsidian developers do: https://obsidian.md/changelog/ Please…

  • Updated to Banktivity 9 for MacOS today, smooth process, document update was very fast. Check the health of your document now in the menu bar is a much better experience. Really like the UI scaling, single line register, getting used to the new budget UI, but like that it provides more information. Had to exclude some older budget categories after the update, easy to do. There seems to be a bug in Budget though probably already reported, at the bottom, the Income Actual field is blank, and the Remaining Income field incorrectly shows the Actual Income value.

    I was hoping a new account type TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) would be included in B9 for your loyal Canadian customers as it’s a hugely popular account type in Canada, don’t know why it was excluded when RESP and RRSP were added some releases ago, feature request sent 1+ years ago, hopefully added soon.

  • Future enhancement suggestion. Expand or make size adjustable for the window for Budget-Filling Envelopes. I have nested categories and many times the lowest level category is not visible. This would be similar to when you edit the budget, the last screen shows the envelope cash balance and it is wide enough to view the lowest level category.

  • This is great — but also LONG overdue. At some point during version 8, there was the promise that there would be no frequent updates. Hasn’t this taken more than 9 months? While I like the single-line register feature, I’m disappointed that apparently:

    1. Columns cannot be rearranged by dragging
    2. There’s no way to select what different types of data are actually displayed?!

    Too little, too late!

  • I just updated to 9.01 and it said something like “we will update your file to Bantivity 9 and save your version 8 file.” When I look in Finder, there is only one file, still with the extension “.bank8”. Why isn’t it “.bank9” and where is the original “.bank8” file that you promised you’d save? I thought I’d see two files, “Filename.bank8” and “Filename.bank9”. I believe that’s what happened when updating to Banktivity 6, 7, and 8.

    • The version 8 file is backed up in the app’s container in the user’s library. It’s really there for emergencies. We’ve decoupled file extensions from the versions now that new app versions are “free”. Trying to always couple the file extension to the version makes it more difficult to make for easy upgrades and doesn’t gain us a whole lot. There is a part of me that wishes the file extension was something other than “bank8”. It might change in the future when it make sense. For this release, we really tried to just focus on making it easy to migrate from v8.

    • I found the backup file in “/Users/username/Library/Containers/Banktivity/Data/Library/Application Support/com.iggsoftware.banktivity/Backup”, and apparently they are leaving the extension as .bank8. If the extension is not going to be changed going forward, I recommend that it be renamed .bankt so it isn’t confusing, appearing as if one has a Banktivity 8 datafile rather than a 9, or 10, etc.. With iBank the extension was always .ibank.

  • Thanks for adding the ability to increase font size, which I’ve requested for a few years now. It helps us older long-term iBank/Banktivity users!!! Made me re-subscribe.

  • I have upgraded to the new Banktivity Version 9 now on 9.0.1
    New features for Mac describe:
    “Touch ID. Unlock your documents with Touch ID on your Mac.”
    I cannot find an option anywhere to enable touch ID to do this. Obviously my MacBook Pro has touch ID enabled for other software. Anybody know how to enable this option???
    Many Thanks


  • Would be nice to reinstate free trial option on ios for those of us who have not subscribed to Banktivity direct access for awhile. Subscribing says “free trial for 30 days” but as a previous subscriber (early 2022) Apple wants to bill me immediately.

  • Enjoying V9, especially the ability the switch back and forth between 1- and 2-line registers. One feature request: I’d like the ability to run Banktivity in dark mode without having to run my entire Mac that way. I know this is possible because I have some other apps that have their own dark/light/auto mode settings.

  • As a long-time user of Banktivity, I have to say this has been the worst update ever! All of my Edward Jones accounts have stopped updating. I’ve contacted IGG support, but no solutions.

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out. We have seen a couple of people have issues where they are logged out of their Banktivity ID after updating and this can prevent accounts from updating. To resolve this, go to File > Subscription > Banktivity ID and make sure you are logged in. If that isn’t the issue, then I strongly suspect this is NOT related to the update at all and just a coincidence and that Yodlee/Direct Access is having trouble getting Edward Jones transactions right now.

      • The accounts aren’t using Yodlee/Direct Access. They use OFX to connect. I could never get Yodlee/Direct Access to work for them. Some of these accounts have been using OFX for over 10 years and I’ve never had a problem before. Thus, my frustration.

  • Is there anyway to edit the income/spending summary on the front page? there is a bug that causes investment accounts and cash accounts to double count

  • Overall version 9 is a big improvement with a couple of exceptions. 1) When configuring check printing using a stock template (pdf) it will not open and overlay in the configuration screen. 2) Perhaps a custom date range to display transactions in the register. IE: add a custom date range option with the current all, one month, one quarter and one year Transactions options.

  • Moving from the summary to an account has become very slow on the iPad, like 3 to 5 seconds, worse if transactions are downloading. This happened before after a major update and was eventually fixed, hoping it won’t be too long this time.

  • Thanks for the update! Long time user here and I never thought I’d want a single-line register but wow – it’ll take an adjustment period but I love it! … The only hiccup I’ve had just happened – one month after updating. It seems that we can’t *delete* scheduled transactions anymore. They are just “ended.” I can see the value in that if people have accidentally deleted ones before and there was no “undelete” option. My only concern is that 5-10 years from now I’ll be have a whole bunch of “ended” scheduled transaction cruft. So perhaps a future update can allow “ending” or “deleting” as separate option. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    I have recently upgraded to V9. On my 2 macs, this is fine. But when I try to open the file on my iPad, it just shows a folder structure with archives, StoreContent and two files keys and StoreAttributes.
    Am I missing something? I have not recently renewed my subscription as it doesn’t work with my Emirates NBD bank so I have to manually import my data each month anyway, am opening the file from my Google drive.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • When will the mobile app be able to support the additional reports that currently are not supported? For example, Forecast Reports reports are really important to me to see my cashflow, but these are still unsupported in iOS and iPadOS.

  • I like that we can now increase/decrease the scale of the UI for the main screen but it would be even better if we could also have more flexibility to change the size of the text for the sidebar and the sidebar icon (currently limited to small or large only).

  • It would also be good if under the “Summary” screen for a bank account, you could give the option for “Upcoming” to just that month (up until the last day of the month) and not “1 week, 2 weeks, month, quarter, year”. It would make a lot of sense to have “last day of the month” or “up to end of the month” so you can do a proper projected balance (until the end of the month. Please think about introducing this.

    • Given the vast screen real estate on a Mac, I’d like to see a transaction register beneath the summary.

      The Summary look so neat but to interact with an account requires the register, so I rarely every show the Summary tab. It’s a shame it’s not ‘front & centre’ more as it looks great.

  • SO today I learned that the budget system can only import scheduled income and expenses and any others have to be manually entered. This is horrible
    I also discovered that there is no variance reporting (above interval report comparisons but those don’t generate variances).
    I’d never tried budget or looked for variance reports before but I am fairly certain these are basic reporting tools
    Any chance we might ever see them?

      • It depends. If the system can be used to auto create a budget than yes. If not than a variance with a prior period. Month, year, year to date

        It’s kinda insane the budget tool can’t auto fill with prior year data. It’s all there

  • I have finally killed Moneywell and switched to Banktivity exclusively. One feature I miss from Moneywell is to see when my accounts and envelopes don’t balance. It would be a simple calculation to add to Banktivity. (Sum of bank accounts – credit cards) – (envelopes sum + To Distribute). Plus result indicates accounts over minus result indicates envelopes over. Believe this happens more than one would like.

  • Upon downloading securities values, US stocks show the actual value change since last update, whereas Canadian stocks indicate (0) or no change despite there being differences in Canadian stocks since the last update.

    I am using MacOS 14.1 and Banktivity 9.2

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