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Each year our customers save an average of over $500 and 40 hours of time.

What's New in Banktivity 6

We went all out so you can go all in. We created the most powerful financial manager, only for macOS Sierra.


Workspaces is a brand new feature that lets you put any account, budget, report, or other view side-by-side. For example, put an account next to your budget and see how recent spending affects your budget. The possibilities are limitless, the productivity boost is immediate. ( Play Video)

Quick Reports

Select a set of transactions, choose "Report On" from the menu, and boom, you get a quick report based on those transactions. You retain complete control of the report, so if you want to refine it or save it for later, it's as easy as a click or drag to the sidebar. ( Play Video)


Find is our new, super-fast and powerful document-wide search feature. With Find, you can bring up any transaction within your entire document based on what you searched for. The transactions that match the search criteria are grouped by account so you can keep them in context.


Say you go on vacation and categorize your spending as travel, groceries and lodging, but you want to know how much the entire vacation cost. Enter tags. Tag all of those transactions as "vacation" and voila! Categories are great, but Tags allow you to see your finances at the next level. ( Play Video)

Report Groups

Get organized! Our new report grouping feature lets you organize your reports however you want. You can nest as many groups within groups as you want, name them whatever you want, and reorder via drag and drop however you want.


See everything about your investments. Portfolio gives you quick access to the performance of all your investments in one dedicated place. Drill down into any security for rich stats on that holding, including IRR, ROI, lot breakdown and more.

A completely redesigned interface, built from the ground up. You've never seen your finances like this before.

All the Tools You'll Need to Easily Start Managing Your Finances

Banktivity makes it simple.

Set up in a snap.

Import from Quicken to have your accounts, transactions, categories, tags (classes), and investments ready and waiting for you. Or start from scratch - Banktivity's streamlined setup assistant will have you going in no time.

Connect to more banks than ever.

Banktivity 6 offers improved bank connections for direct downloads. Optionally, Direct Access* gets updates from thousands more banks, and shares that data with Banktivity for iPad and Banktivity for iPhone, too.

Pay bills with a click.

Banktivity 6 delivers online bill pay to set up, schedule and send payments, track those transactions, and categorize the expenses. (Requires an OFX account connection; check with your bank for availability.)

Budget for prosperity.

With advanced budgeting tools, you can build savings, watch your spending habits, monitor daily progress, incorporate scheduled income and bills, compare goals vs. results, and sync budgets to Banktivity on your iOS device. Our built-in envelope budgeting let's you always answer the question, "Can I afford it?"

See where the money goes.

Track your spending patterns: assign categories and tags to every transaction, use enhanced import rules for speedy categorization, and split transactions multiple ways for detailed budgeting and reporting.

Private Cloud Sync.

Cloud sync done right: device-based, end-to-end encryption so nothing gets sent or stored insecurely. It's the best model for a true cloud sync experience and it's free!


*Optional Direct Access comes with a free 30-day trial. Then sold via In-App Purchase: 365-day subscriptions are just $44.99, 90-day subscriptions are $13.99, 30-day subscriptions are $5.99.

Banktivity on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Plays Nice with Your Other Devices

Banktivity makes it easy to see your whole financial picture on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Our private Cloud Sync seamlessly keeps everything up to date.


What Users Are Saying

Hear it from our customers.

Simple, effective and efficient money management - doing the accounts is now a pleasure not a chore!

R.A.B., United Kingdom

My files migrated perfectly from Quicken for Windows, and now I can FINALLY get Windows off my Mac!!

L.K.M., North Carolina

As simple or complex as you need a program to be! Incredible support team.

Bonnie Swan, British Columbia

Love your product. I had been a loyal Money user for over 10 years, but I am so glad that I switched.

Cindy Yates, United States

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