Banktivity Cloud Sync

Keep your finances in sync across all your devices.

About Cloud Sync

Share data in your Banktivity documents across all of your devices.

Our free Cloud Sync service lets you share your Banktivity data across all of your devices, whether it is Mac to iPhone, Mac to Mac, Mac to iPad, or any combination thereof.

Our Cloud Sync service is not the same as Direct Access or Direct Download - those features let you easily download transactions from your bank. Our Cloud Sync lets you keep all of your accounts, transactions, budgets and more available on any device. It works with our other services like Direct Access, but let's not confuse it with that.

One File to Rule Them All

One document in the cloud, that each device connects with.

You set up Cloud Sync first by uploading the data from a Banktivity document on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. You do this within the Banktivity app. When you want to set up Banktivity on another device to sync with that cloud document, you create a new document (again, from within the app) and choose the option to open a cloud sync document.

This pairs the document on your device with the document in the cloud.

Work Offline

You can make changes to any document even when you are offline. Your changes sync up later.

Our Cloud Sync is smart. Any changes you make, whether it be in Banktivity for Mac, iPhone or iPad, will be tracked. When you have an internet connection and your document refreshes, it will send any new changes you made on one device up to the cloud document and get any new changes made on another device and reconcile them up.

You could go on vacation, taking only your iPhone. Track your finances on your iOS device while you are away and then when you return home, everything will sync up to your Mac.

Strong Encryption

End-to-end device based encryption.

No financial data leaves Banktivity unencrypted when you use cloud sync. Each cloud document can only be decrypted with the password of your choosing. If you forget your password, we can not recover your data for you. Sorry, but it helps us keep things super secure!

Your Data is Backed Up

If something happens to your data on your device, you still have the a copy in the cloud.

Our Cloud Sync acts as a convenient backup in case you lose your phone or wreck your Mac. There is a good feeling knowing that you'll always have a back up of your data available.

It's Free

Goodbye financial stress. Hello Banktivity.