Our team has been hard at work implementing some new features and refining some existing experiences. As you will see some of these features have been requested for a while and I’m happy to deliver them. All of these features we plan on releasing in our forthcoming Banktivity 9.5. We expect to release this version… Read More

I’m happy to be writing to you today with some news about Banktivity’s most popular feature, Direct Access. For those unfamiliar with “Direct Access” – it is the name of our technology that allows you to connect to your bank and automatically download transactions. As many of you know, we partner with backend providers to… Read More

I’ve already talked about some of the larger features in Banktivity 9 in these blog posts: Let’s look at the reports, Return of the single-line register and the original v9 announcement. But there are quite a few other changes to Banktivity 9 that are worthy of blogging about. So without any additional preamble let’s dive… Read More