The story of iBiz is really the story of how IGG started. Over a decade ago I was a graduate student studying biology and plant population modeling. Occasionally on the weekends and between classes I would survey for rare plants as a side gig. The fun part of the job was hiking around botanizing, the… Read More

We’ve been getting lots of inquiries about whether our products will work with Snow Leopard, and the short answer is: yes. ┬áiBank and iBiz run on Snow Leopard (at least on the latest build that Apple has made available to us) without any major issues. However, we have found a few cosmetic glitches with iBank… Read More

Yesterday was a big day. After about six weeks of private beta testing involving our crew and numerous loyal users, we’ve finally released iBiz 4 to the public — as a beta. Its amazing how much time and effort goes into a major release. The documentation has to be updated (although not done yet for… Read More