Hello, my name is Nancy Libby and I manage IGG’s tech support team. This blog post is a little different than some of our past ones as it doesn’t focus on our products, but rather it focuses on the team and experience supporting our products.

Day to day life as tech support specialists

All of us at IGG have the good fortune of working from home. That means we wake up, open our laptops and begin working without a commute getting in the way. While we don’t all work in the same place, we do “show up” at work online in our virtual offices.

In support, we bounce things off each other all day long, we help each other with tricky issues, we ask each other how they are doing, what’s new, and wish each other a good night, every single day.

Many of us have been with IGG for nine or more years. During that time, some of us have gotten married, had children, gotten a new cat, dog, or horse. We have lost parents and suffered other losses. We are a family. 

Every customer is different

While the developers at IGG are working with code all day, we in tech support work with other humans all day. For the most part, we find people are very pleasant and nice, but every once in a while, we run into someone having a bad day. We get it – everyone has a bad now and then. But still, encountering Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy Pants can be challenging.

When an ‘unpleasant’ user visits us on LiveChat or submits a ticket it feels badly all the way around. We get why a user would be upset if something isn’t working or if they have been waiting for a resolution on something for a while. That said, there’s no getting around not taking it a bit personally when a user types in all caps and uses foul language. And unfortunately, it does not change the answer it just makes for a lousy encounter and often ends up taking longer to solve the problem. We all want the same outcome – to get the issue resolved. The more we can work as a team, the better and faster and we can make that happen.

On the flip side, many of our customers leave our support with comments like, “You rock! Thanks so much for helping. Have a great day!” The best of these comments often get shared with the entire team, because it makes everyone feel good.

Spending so many years in tech support has really changed my approach to asking others for help. When I need to call support for one of my devices, apps or whatnot, I always try to remember there is another human on the other end of the line.

“Come Get The Cat” story

Let me tell you a quick story. Several years ago I moved to a small town in Vermont which could quite possibly have more dogs, horses, and cattle than people. Being the new (older) kid on the block, I wanted to do something for the town but did not want to be on the Town’s Select Board (if you have ever been a Select Board member – you are a saint, thank you). So, instead, I decided to be the volunteer Animal Control Officer (yes, in retrospect, perhaps not the best choice either).

One late afternoon I received a call from a very angry woman saying “YOU NEED TO COME TO GET A (expletive) CAT. MY HUSBAND IS GOING TO SHOOT IT”. I was just running out the door and could not get to her house that very moment. I said that if she could keep her husband from shooting the cat, I would gladly come get it tomorrow. There was more SCREAMING and she hung up on me.

Then she called back and started screaming again. This time I hung up and immediately called her back. I didn’t hang up because I didn’t care – I just needed her to stop yelling. She was a little calmer and said she was having a really bad day to which I replied: “how do you know I am not having the worst day of my life?”

Now, you might be thinking that receiving help from someone that you give your hard-earned money to for a product or service is vastly different than receiving help from a volunteer. But is it? In my mind, help from another human being is always appreciated, regardless of price.

Our goal

Our goal here at IGG Software is to offer outstanding support. We care deeply about our customers’ experience using our apps and our support services.

Anyone who has ever provided customer support knows that customers come with all sorts of temperaments. We also understand that when users come to us on LiveChat or are submitting a ticket, they are likely not happy – there’s a problem or a question needs answering. 

Over time we’ve learned a ton about how to handle customer expectations and provide outstanding service. Is it perfect? Of course not, but we try hard to make it the best we can.

P.S. The cat story has a good ending. We did retrieve her the next day and she captured our hearts and has been living with us ever since.

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60 comments on “Perspectives on tech support

  • Good article. I’ve never needed tech support as Banktivity does everything I need, with some minor quirks that aren’t worth complaining about.

    I always judge people by the way they treat total strangers, particularly when those strangers are in the ‘service’ industry (wait staff, airline staff, taxi drivers, sales, etc). It’s a pretty reliable indicator of someone’s character.

    All I care about is that Banktivity has a strong future, that the developers are continually improving/adding to it – thanks all. It’s an absolute bargain for the price – including the subscription service – and anyone that complains about that is rather short-sighted.

    Keep up the great work and I eagerly await the next versions (I keep checking here every week in the hope of some news!)

  • Nancy, I am a long time Mac Banktivity client. I love the site. I would however like to make a suggestion …..
    After input, I often leave Banktivity and do other work on my Mac. I often do NOT close the site … thinking I may come back to do other work. I often get involved in other things and DO NOT ever get back to close Banktivity. I usually put my make to sleep and rarely shut down. Yes, I have been known to begin work on my Mac the next day and see that Banktivity was still open!! I assume that a good hacker could easily get in my Banktivity site and the very personal information there.
    That leads me to my “suggestion”….. Please consider adding a feature that would shut down my Banktivity site after a set amount of time it is idle.
    All my Banking site offer this feature. My 1Password account does also.
    Thanks for considering my suggestion.

    • If you mean require a password to unlock your Banktivity file after a set period of time has elapsed, if you’re using the password protect feature, that sounds like a good idea.

      If you mean generally closing Banktivity after a period of time, I think that’s a bad way to ensure security.

      The best strategy of course in your situation is to make sure you’re using a password on your Mac at all times. Nobody but you should be able to ‘turn it on’ and see what’s running.

    • Otima sugestao. Essa funcionalidade já existe no app para iPhone e seria mesmo interessante para o Mac.
      Vocês sã demais! Muito obrigado pela ajuda. Tenha um ótimo dia família Banktivity! ?

  • Nancy, I am a long time Mac Banktivity client. I love the sit. I would however like to make a suggestion …..
    After input, I often leave Banktivity and do other work on my Mac. I often do NOT close the site … thinking I may come back to do other work. I often get involved in other things and DO NOT ever get back to close Banktivity. I usually put my make to sleep and rarely shut down. Yes, I have been known to begin work on my Mac the next day and see that Banktivity was still open!! I assume that a good hacker could easily get in my Banktivity site and the very personal information there.
    That leads me to my “suggestion”….. Please consider adding a feature that would shut down my Banktivity site after a set amount of time it is idle.
    All my Banking site offer this feature. My 1Password account does also.
    Thanks for considering my suggestion.
    Later comment – WOW – this site is tricky! I keep getting messages that you may have not received this message!

  • Nancy, I’m having difficulty reaching customer support through chat. Justin Glazebrook has sent me two e-mails regarding an open ticket (Ticket #YCWZG) requesting screen shots. It would be easier to work through chat on this issue, but as I said, I’m unable to chat with your tech(s).

    • Hi Jeff, I’m sorry I missed your message to me. I chatted with Justin and it sounds like you are all set now. Let me know if you are still in need of help. ~ Nancy

  • Interesting post Nancy, and certainly provides food for thought.
    I have had a couple of interactions with your tech support, some good, some not so much. The most recent issue was acknowledged promptly, resulted in a flurry of emails back and forth, and ended with:
    “We are investigating what is causing this issue for you at this time. I will be in touch via email as we know more”
    That was in July. Since then, silence….
    Speaking of silence, I visit the blog fairly often, hoping for updates on product development, or perhaps responses to suggestions raised by customers. As it says at the top of the page: “The latest updates from IGG insiders”. In this respect, the blog is (in my view) a total disappointment. The last significant update (with “news”) was that which announced version 7, in September 2018. Over a year ago. Other than that, news on pricing/family sharing (January 2019) and now your post asking us to be thoughtful and considerate when contacting tach support, while important, is not what I come here for.
    Your customers are (I believe) fairly loyal, but have significant concerns about product development, bug quashing and feature requests. Banktivity was certainly the best solution for Mac at one time – it probably still is – but your competitors are not sitting still. Quicken for Mac now has at least one significant feature that is tempting me to switch (security lot assignment). I think I speak for many customers in asking for a little more feedback on your product roadmap and plans.

    • Hi Colin, thanks for your comments. Sometimes the blog has proved great for communicating new features and other times, not as much.

      I DO want to point out that Banktivity 7 does have stock lot assignment! Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

  • Is there another way to access your tech support? I’ve completed the chat form several times today and after the stated wait time, no one is there. Then I’ve been disconnected. Kindly advise if there is another way to contact Banktivity. Thank you.

    • Hi Karen, the support team has been chatting with customers since 9 am, EST today. Perhaps try another browser to see if that helps. ~ Nancy

  • Frustrated.
    I use banktivity 5, it is ok.
    My bank is TD bank. They upgraded their online banking several years ago.
    since that time downloaded data are corrupted. Dollar amounts are correct, payee is wrong.
    Talked with IGG, reply: that’s the bank’s problem. Talked with the bank, reply: that is IGG’s problem.
    I have no reason to believe that banktivity 7 will solve the problem

    • Hi Hans,

      Sorry to hear of your frustration. I have three accounts with TD Bank, so I’m confident we can fix any issues you are having. If you could come to LiveChat at your convenience so we can work with you, that would be great. If that’s not possible, let me know and we’ll find another approach.


  • I receive good technical support about 2 years ago when I just started using Banktivity. But I have been disappointed in the last year. I wrote various emails to Banktivity support, but have not received a single reply.

    • Hi Victor,

      If you could give me the ticket #, I will make certain you get a response right away!


  • I am a long time (pleased) customer of Banktivity, and curently trying to upgrade from Banktivity 5.6.9 to Banktivity 7 on my Mac (macOS Mojave/10.14.6). The process gets to a certain point and then stops without any buttons or indication of what to do next-nor does the support article indicate. Initially I asked for help to begin the upgrade and Justin sent me the support articles which I followed 2x, and each time it got to the same stop place. I don’t want more articles; I really need help with the process but fear I’ll just get the another rather curt response. Does Rachel work there any more? She really seemed to get that some of us need more specific and patient help than articles. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • Hi Barbara,

      So sorry for your frustration! Would you be able to come back to LiveChat so a support specialist can help you with the upgrade via a screen sharing session? It shouldn’t take very long to get you up and running with Banktivity 7!


  • Hi Nancy,
    A suggestion: stock price upgrades appear to be broken for many (see the reddit threads below for example). Users are complaining that they are not getting very far with your tech support. Clearly there is some sort of issue with stock price updates.
    How about informing users of the issue, and the steps you are taking to address it? Perhaps a possible timeframe towards a fix? At the moment, all we know is that it doesn’t work. We don’t know if you have any plans to fix it.
    You could use an in-app message, or post in the banktivity reddit forum – this forum was created in response to IGG removing user forums from the website. People want information.



    • Thanks for reaching out. We have switched from Yahoo to IEX. While IEX does support most international exchanges, we recently found a bug in the software that prevents quotes from downloading for many exchanges. We are trying to get a fix out for this. Unfortunately, IEX doesn’t support the Australian exchange, but they do say it is probably coming…

      Thanks for your patience everyone. Never a dull moment around here as we keep up with the changing datascape.

      • Ian – this is disappointing for users outside the USA who purchased in good faith based on your promotion of international features (direct access: “Both US and international banks are supported”; securities: “Banktivity will look up all of your securities on Yahoo! Finance and download the latest quote for each one”). Why not allow users to choose the source of security quotes (in preferences) – or at the very least allow import of prices via .csv? Please consider this a feature request!

      • Hi Ian, during my 31 January online chat session with Tim M @ Igg regarding this issue, he said (typed) “…we use IEX first in Banktivity, and if the security historical data is not tracked there, we move to yahoo for quotes.”

        What you’ve indicated above appears to be at odds with his understanding that Banktivity will ‘fallback’ to Yahoo if IEX data isn’t available – as you admit is definitely the case with Australian Stock Exchange. Which is correct, please? Yahoo or no Yahoo?

        And, I’d second (and third, etc, etc) @Sarah’s feature request here – an ability to import a downloaded *.csv file of historical stock prices would mean that your (fairly regular, it appears) stock price update glitches would have MUCH reduced impact for users!

        Thanks for listening!

        • Hi Al, Tim’s statement is correct. First we try to get data from IEX. If that fails, we fallback to Yahoo and try to get a quote from them. HOWEVER, we are finding Yahoo’s response to our calls are getting more and more intermittent so we are in the process of phasing them out completely. IEX says support for the Australian Stock Exchange is on their roadmap.

  • I’m also manage the Helpdesk for my company. Helpdesk support is hard, I get it. My experience with Banktivity support has been poor. I had some issues with my budget numbers going out of balance. I was asked to submit my files for review and they would get back to me. Despite months of waiting and a few follow ups I never heard anything about it. I’m not even sure if I got a reply of any kind.

    Another time I had questions about how to do something and suggested alternatives. The chat agents response was a bit “if you don’t like how we do it, too bad” (paraphrased). Maybe her cat did get shot by the neighbors husband?

    As soon as there is another envelope budget system with sync, I’m done with IGG and Banktivity UNLESS support improves and the budget tool sees some needed fixes for UX. We’ll see because I can’t get my document to sync on my new Mac annnnnnd support chat is down.

    • Hi Doug, I’m sorry you feel like the support you received was poor. I reviewed the chats you’ve had with the support team and it appears your chief complaint is that you aren’t a fan of the envelope budgeting feature (compared to MoneyWell). I’m going to open a new support ticket so you and I can communicate about that. You also had a chat about Discover Bank not working which was true at the time of the chat but it has been fixed. If you are still having trouble, I am also happy to work with you on that and your current sync issue.

      I’m happy to report that we have had no reports of any cats being shot. ?


      • Nancy, thank you for the follow up. I was under the impression the Discover issue was not going to be fixed. It is good to hear it should work (about to try it again).

        I would like to see the envelope budget improve. MOnewell’s worked so well I keep considering going back to Moneywell even without sync. However Banktivity’s reconciling is much better and faster.

        I’ll see if I can track down those tickets and how to follow up.

        • Hmmm, looks like Discover (like most of my other accounts) is Direct Access only. I was hoping the old method would work too. Moneywell and others got it working again after the changes Discover made. I’m reluctant to buy Direct Access given the lackluster envelope budgeting in Banktivity and some other ways Banktivity gets in the way of my productivity (smart reports need better logical operators: any, all, none, or, etc).

  • Is this a Developer’s Blog or some sort of pseudo-Tech Support?

    I’m keen to hear what the developers are up to; their ideas, their wish lists, and that they’re still working on a new version of Banktivity. Perhaps some more sophisticated iOS versions in the pipeline? The iPad version is looking really stale these days and really should be more like the Mac version (visually too), not an inflated iPhone version.

    My money is ready. Give me a reason to get excited. Please!

    • Actually… I’m a bit nervous. The only communication for the past several months I’ve seen from IGG are incessant emails about discounted upgrades (I’m always running the latest versions).

      It worries me that this might be a sign of a company getting ready to sell and improving the sale value by increasing the number of active users before prospective buyers look at their books.

      I sure hope I’m wrong and just being paranoid, but if I’m not it will be the end of Banktivity in the future as small software companies that get acquired by larger ones see their products gradually neglected, ignored and unsupported, until they vanish entirely (no matter what the acquirer says during negotiations).

      One other theory might be that support for older versions is about to end and an upgrade path to Banktivity 8 will not be possible from versions earlier than v7, hence wanting to get everyone on v7 ASAP. Please be this!

      I just hope IGG has a solid business model (and people would stop whinging about their very modest subscription fees).

      • Hi Paul,

        We have no plans on selling 🙂 We are all still here working on all things Banktivity. I’ll do another blog post when we are ready to share.

        We always encourage users on older versions to upgrade to the latest version and running a sale is often just the motivation they need to upgrade. Thanks for being a long time customer Paul!

  • I don’t see anywhere to offer a request for new features or comment on existing ones, so I will use this to communicate with you.

    I am doing my once a year tax data gathering. I have filled Bank7 with checking and credit card transactions and set up a Catagory Report. When I look at the Category Report I see a large number of items I didn’t categorize (“Uncategorized”).

    So, I click on an item and it takes me back to the Account and highlights the entry. So far, so good. Now, I want to go back to the Category Report and process the next entry. However, clicking on the Category Report takes me to the top and I have to scroll down to the bottom to get back to the uncategorized entries. This becomes a pain if there are a lot of entries.

    I would like to request a feature change so the category report opens at the last place it was before leaving. This would save me a lot of time.

    • This feature already exists:
      Just above the title of your category report at the top left of each window tile/frame are three icons that sort of look like this:


      The ‘back’ button ( < ) will take you back from the transaction ledger to the report at the same scroll location.

      • Ugh… not sure why my ‘left chevron’ and ‘right chevron’ didn’t show up next to the ‘three vertical lines’

  • I have a suggestion:
    When you run a “forecast report”, the result does not take into consideration the “unscheduled expenses” that you have in your budget. This is misleading!!
    Expenses such as groceries, fuel, etc.. cannot be considered as scheduled expenses but rather as unscheduled.
    I had today a chat with one of your colleague / employee. He suggested that I should consider the groceries, fuel, etc expenses are scheduled expenses. I don’t think this is the right solution.
    I would appreciate if you add a feature allowing people to run a “forecast report” that includes also the unscheduled expenses.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Oscar, the app has no notion of any bills that aren’t scheduled in order to include them in the forecast report. I am more than happy to file a feature request for a report that includes both bills (scheduled transactions) and upcoming expenses. I don’t know if it is technically possible but I can certainly ask!


    • Thank you Nancy!
      When unscheduled expenses are quit high and unscheduled incomes too, the forecast report gives misleading information.
      I hope that you could add the feature! That would be very helpful!

    • Hi Nancy – if you use Direct Connect, bills from certain banks do show in the ‘Payments’ screen, but are not entered into the register or included in reports. In some financial apps, they are (some people like that, others don’t) but the app does seem to be aware of future bills that are pending payment at your bank, even if they’re not entered in the scheduled payments.

      If we’re musing feature requests, I would LOVE the following:

      – auto complete on categories and payees if you enter any part of the text (so instead of having to type ‘food’ to find ‘Food:Groceries’ I could type ‘Grocer’ or anything in the hierarchy

      – An easier way or manually entering in prices for non-listed securities, it’s quite finicky and sometimes hard to tell if it even took the price

      – Easier payee management (searching, merging, editing) which would make Payee reporting a lot more useful

      Thanks – stay safe!

  • Hello Nancy – I am just about to give up on Banktivity due to a complete lack of support. A few years ago the software crashed and I was able to get live tech support to help with the emergency. For the past two years, I have yet to find an answer online and have not once had a response to multiple tickets posted. Most recently when I sign on it’s not even possible to click the chat option – it’s greyed out. If I’m going to use software with important financial information I need to trust that I can get help when I need it. Really frustrating to see this product die – I have used it happily for years.

    • Hi Madelaine – Sorry to hear this! I checked the past couple of tickets you filed and I think our responses might be going to your junk folder as I do see responses from the support team. I’d like to help so I’m going to email you now. Please respond when you have a moment and let me know what issue you are having trouble with. Thanks! – Nancy

  • You guys are the greatest. I have been with Kristen from the beginning of my discovery of this wonderful App years ago. She is patient and has never failed to help me with her thorough understanding of the program. I have recommended Banktivity to all my friends with MACs. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks, Stan! I’ll make certain Kristen sees your comments! And thanks so much for recommending Banktivity to your friends — it’s appreciated very much. : ) – Nancy

  • Hello Nancy, I have been a user for many years, starting with iBank. Occasionally, when I had a problem, I could call or chat and get support. Over the last few months, Banktivity has been importing incorrect information from my checking accounts and credit cards. It takes me a lot of time to correct and is extremely frustrating. I cannot get any help. No phone numbers or chat. I posted a help request a few weeks ago but no response. I am hesitant to renew Direct Access until this is resolved. I hope you can help.

  • Hi Ewa, please come to LiveChat. If you are free today, the support team is online until 5:00 pm, ET. If today is not convenient, the team is online Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. When not online you can submit a support ticket but I think LiveChat would be a quicker path to a solution for your particular issue.

    Here is a link to LiveChat: https://www.iggsoftware.com/support.php#livechat

  • I’ve been trying for weeks to get a live chat and it is always greyed out. Your direct link given to Ewa sends me to that same page – still greyed out. I have never been able to get a support ticket. I used Banktivity successfully for years with web download – now my banks will not recognize your internal browser. I’m afraid to pay for Direct Access until I know there will not be the same problem. Help!

    • Hi Judith – I’m not sure why the LiveChat button is greyed out for you or why you are having trouble with the internal browser but we will get you squared away! You will be receiving an email (ticket) from a member of the support team shortly. – Nancy Libby

  • Nancy: I am sorry to use this forum to reach out to you but i am incredibly exasperated and unhappy and feel i have no other choice. I will try and be concise. I have a huge problem in that Banktivity transactions virtually disappear once they are in my register. And not just one or two…many over weeks and weeks. To make matters worse, i am a financial planner who has suggested clients use your software and they are having the exact same problem. Very poor reflection on me. I have tried working with 2 of your support staff…the first time i was literally ghosted and the 2nd time i am sure that the individual is tired of me sending numerous emails with examples of transactions lost and copies of your. own internal report that seems to solve nothing. All i am asking of the software is to do the most basic task when personal finance is concerned that that is give the end user the confidence that their figures are correct. Please can you step in and see what we can do to fix this very major flaw? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Eric – no need to apologize. I will email you directly so we can get to the bottom of this.

      – Nancy

  • Hi Nancy, I’ve been a happy user of Banktivity until I ran into an issue and have been very frustrated with the length of time it is taking to receive support. I am based in Australia, opened a ticket on the 4th Dec 2020 and one month later, I’m trying to reach closure and am close to giving up on Banktivity. I’ve asked to understand whether it is best I stay up one night so I can talk to someone, but have not been given that option.

    I am concerned that there may be an integrity issue as I am not seeing correct data coming our in the reports.

    • Hi Robert, I took a look at the correspondence you’ve been having with Support. I see the Specialist gave you some information on December 22nd that should have resolved the issue. Were you able to try that? You can reply to the ticket directly with your findings and if you are still having trouble, we are more than happy to chat with you one-on-one using LiveChat. I will monitor the ticket as well.
      ~ Nancy

  • Hi Nancy, it did not and I sent several further emails with no response, which as a services professional with over 30 years experience, I find less than adequate. I am currently questioning the integrity of your software product.

    I will once again summarize the issue and hope that the support analyst can have the decency to provide feedback on recommended resolution or a timeframe to respond. Saying nothing denigrades the perceived quality of your product.

    Regards, Robert Chliakhtine

  • Dear Nancy,
    I followed your recommendation re: the issue I was having with Banktivity 7. I stayed up to discuss the issue with one of your support staff (Kristen – 3rd Feb 2021). I sent my banktivity file and the issue was in fact identified. However, it has now been over one month and no updates have been provided. I stayed up to chat to Kristen again a week or so later and was advised that the team was still working on the issue. The issue appears not to be fixed in the new version of Banktivity.
    The lack of customer communication on what appears to be a fundamental issue: a category is not showing in reports, is a significant concern. Are you able to help?
    My last reference is: #D06VZ
    Regards, Robert Chliakhtine

  • Hi Nancy, is there a formal process to escalate customer concerns? As per other customers, it is unfortunate that I must log here my significant concerns with lack of support with Banktivity software.
    Are you able to email me with an update and/or official channel to escalate my concerns.

  • Hi Robert – I have emailed you directly. Please feel free to ask the Support Specialist you are working with to escalate the issue. The one we are currently working on has been escalated and we will be giving you an update today. Sorry for the time it’s taking to get it resolved.

  • Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for sharing this especially the bit about hanging up on the woman screaming to you about the cat.

    I’ve done telecom tech support, and I’ve had to hang up on customers. Our company policy was that profanity was not allowed on calls. If one or two swear words were in the call, we’d usually just continue on with the call, it wasn’t worthwhile escalating the situation by warning the customer. I did have a few times where I hung up on customers, and it was always a bit satisfying to remind people that the customer is not always right.

    I’m also appreciative of this today. I’m a Lyft driver and yesterday I had to ask, then demand that a gentleman exit my car, because he didn’t want to wear a mask, then disrespected me, by pulling his t-shirt up over his nose, and lying that he had a mask on.

    Of all fun, he called the police about the matter (and then for good measure I did as well..) No one was injured, but its a reminder not to walk over your customer service folks. They deserve respect, and too often they’ll roll over and not be assertive when being unfairly pushed around by customers.

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