In some of our early posts we talked about our forthcoming iPad app and how it was going to be called “iBank Access.” We spent a lot of time discussing this name and many others. One of the driving factors in the conversation was the feature set of the iPad app and how it is… Read More

When you have multiple apps that interact with each other across multiple operating systems and devices, it’s never easy to just release a major update. If you then throw in some other opportunities (or hiccups?) like sandboxing, GateKeeper and Mountain Lion, it complicates things even further. So I’m here to talk about how a number… Read More

In one of theĀ earliest blog postsĀ about our forthcoming iBank for iPad app, I talked about how ease of use was a driving force in its design. In this post, I want to go into more detail about what we mean by that. Specifically, I will cover some ways you get your financial data into the… Read More