This  post is going to be pretty simple: I want to focus entirely on iBank for iPad. We released iBank for iPad almost two years ago. Since then it’s received major updates and got a complete UI overhaul for iOS 7. iBank for iPad is the most robust and full-featured financial app for iPad and… Read More

While iBank 5 delivers more and better options for bank connectivity, we also introduced some confusion about how things work. So first, let’s note that we preserved and even improved the existing connection methods from version 4. If you’re satisfied with the way you were downloading transaction data before, iBank should work even better for… Read More

It’s been great! Now… let’s talk about 2014. We plan on this being a big year for iBank. Normally we don’t share plans like these because it often raises more questions than we can answer just yet. So let me preface this by saying that these things are all in different stages of development and… Read More