The first product to be released with an “i” name was the iMac, 18 years ago. For many it marks a turning point for Apple. While it didn’t happen overnight, it marked the beginning of a long run of “i” names in Apple’s product line. Remember iDVD and iPhoto? And of course the iPod, iBooks and iWork? While there are a few Apple products still embracing the iNames (iPhone and iPad come to mind), the nomenclature had its run and, quite frankly, is feeling old.

iBank was first released 13 years ago and, at the time, the name “iBank” was perfect. But over the last few years a couple things have nagged at us. First, iApp names have felt dated and too tied to Apple. Second, we were never able to secure the iBank dot com domain. Third, the word “iBank” is used internationally to describe a type of money transfer, e.g. “you can just iBank me that payment”. And fourth, “iBank” is sometimes used as an abbreviation for investment bank. This all builds up to a steep hill to climb to truly own the name of our products.

So today we are announcing the end of the iBank name and the beginning of our new name for our apps: Banktivity. If you are scratching your head wondering how this name came about, it’s rather simple. It has the same core, “bank”, which we love and then it comes from joining “bank” and “activity” — Banktivity. Yeah, say it out loud, it’s OK. It’s hard to get used to a new name, it might feel foreign, that is all very normal. But say it a few more times and let it sink in, and before you know it, it will become second nature.



(You can say it again out loud.)



From this point going forward, new releases of our apps will use the name Banktivity. We are keeping the version numbers the same to help with any potential confusion. Specifically, our apps will be renamed the following:

iBank 5 for Mac -> Banktivity 5 for Mac

iBank for iPhone -> Banktivity for iPhone

iBank for iPad -> Banktivity for iPad

iBank Investor -> Banktivity Investor

This is a big change: we expect these names to carry us far into the future and hopefully we won’t ever feel the need to change them again. You will begin seeing these new names roll out in our products over the next two days.

Before I go, I want to be clear about something. This name change in no way signals some other cultural shift at IGG. We are still producing the same great apps, with the same dedicated team working hard to bring you the best personal finance software for Mac and iOS.

Here’s to 12 great years served by iBank and to an even brighter future for Banktivity!


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412 comments on “Banktivity is the new iBank

  • So many companies believe in order to continue to sell their product they need to change the name or look and feel of the product without actually improving or fixing long term known issues. Banktivity just sounds unprofessional kinda childish, and a ridiculous play on words??? This is a program for accounting and finances, not a nickelodeon video game. And iBank sounds like it’s made for Mac. What better initial advertisement for attracting new users to the program then to have “i” in your name. It automatically infers Mac. Been working for years! Everyone wants “i” in their Mac product name cuz it attracts attention and SELLS! Things that are around for a long time do not infer “dated” it infers the test of time, tradition and recognition. Example, “New Coke” are you kidding??? First thing that comes to mind ” what was wrong with it in the first place”? Why does it need a new name??? Pepsi had a field day with that one! Another product that comes to mind with reference to a name change and the removal of “i” is, Mac’s change from “iPhoto” to “Photos” Major mistake for ZERO gain!!! The program only got worse with the removal of many key functions. And when one refers to “photos” which are you talking about? the “Photos App”? or actual “photos” in your “Photos” App??? Which is it. And try trouble shooting Photos App issues on Google search! Google doesn’t know which one your referring to either??? Just another example of going from good to worse…. iBank was an ideal name for a Mac exclusive accounting program. I was a 10+ year quicken user and switched to iBank after researching many accounting programs and of course a name is not going to be a critical factor in choosing a product. But i went with iBank specifically because it was a “Mac dedicated” program. Really! Mac dedicated is important because i don’t want some Frankensteined Microsoft program forced to operate on a Mac with subpar performance. So regardless of all your reasons to change the name i think it’s a mistake. So what if the term is used in other aspects of the banking community, who’s developing this product IGG software or the industry???

    • I agree completely with this rationale. This new name is unnecessary and is a downgrade as a simple, memorable, relevant name for this app. Each time I say or write the new name, I feel embarrassed. The feeling is not going away.

      • It’s April, 3 months since the app name change took place. I still find the name “Banktivity” to be awkward to say out loud. It does NOT roll out easily. I still find it feels embarrassing to even state the name when calling a financial institution for tech support related to issues like downloading account transactions. I feel like I need to explain why my financial software has such a stupid name. I really cannot believe that you guys think this name works.

    • Perhaps they needed a new name so a Windows version could be released; makes more sense than their tortured rationalization. However, with Intuit shopping around for a buyer on which to unload Quicken, it would have made more sense to buy Quicken.

      • “However, with Intuit shopping around for a buyer on which to unload Quicken, it would have made more sense to buy Quicken.” – I’m glad that they didn’t buy Quicken, it could have meant a downgrade to the iBank product. After years of being a loyal Quicken customer, I tried their Mac product when I changed machines. That’s when I found iBank.

        • I have to agree with this but for a different reason: Quicken is an abomination on BOTH Mac and Windows platforms. It is just terrible. I am actually hoping IGG develops a windows version of Banktivity because it’s the best product out there, bar none. Why limit their market strictly to the Mac platform and Mac users when other successful applications are becoming device independent. Banktivity for Windows would blow Quicken away.

    • You do realize ( no you don’t ) that the name “ibank” was the name of another banking company right ? Justing before you go of make sure you know why it was changed. Do I link the new name…..No but the change had to be done. Smh

    • I have to agree, the new name is the most awkward thing I’ve ever heard. It has no reflection on accounting. I understand that maybe Apple made you get rid of the “I”. I think you would have been much better choosing a word that had an accounting base.
      Accountivity, iAccountant, etc.

      Think about it…Microsoft Money, Quick Books….both money based. Banktivity sounds like some research website for banks……

  • I’m not bothered about the name. But what I am bothered about is that since updating to the latest version ALL my data (3 years worth) has disappeared!!!! help!!!

  • Apple has stared to transition from [iDevice] and [iApp], e.g., AppleWatch, AppleTV. That makes sense because it increases identification with Apple. However “Banktivity” does not increase identification with IGG Software. In fact, by emulating the name of cable company Xfinity, iBank’s name change leaves a negative impression for those cable customers who have had unfavorable experiences with Xfinity. I think a little more creativity in devising a new name is needed, guys.

    Accordingly, I wouldn’t mind a name change, but NOT to Banktivity! I think a little more creativity is needed, guys.

  • The name iBank sounds so much more solid and reliable, and gives me more confidence than Banktivity. I’d much rather have my money in an iBank than in a Banktivity.

  • When you changed the name, did you incorporate nay of the many requested improvements from your users? Or is this just a “new and improved?” name?

    • Jim – you can refer to the revision log of iBank; the name change was the only new ‘feature’ listed – so I assume that there was no functional enhancement. There were some minor bug fixes though.

  • I could swear there used to be a ‘feedback request’ option somewhere here. Maybe I’m mistaken.
    Anyway, in addition to much better reporting detail, including being able to simple duplicate a report/chart, I’d like to request that we have some control over Payees, including setting colours for them, rather than categories.
    The reason? Split transactions. I often have to ‘split’ transactions into the ‘category’ and a ‘tax’ category. As a result, they’re all grey despite having given the categories colours.
    If we could colourise the split transactions based on *payee* that would be nice.
    I’ve been using iBank since version 2 and I love it.
    Banktivity, I hope, will continue to mature and remain most powerful in its desktop form. I really only use the iOS versions for mobile entries & basic interaction. The real workhorse is the desktop application and I hope it stays that way.

  • I can’t believe all the noise and blabla around a name, frankly, be it Ibank or banktivity or anything else, I couldn’t care less, what is needed is just a soft that works and do what it is supposed to do! René.

    • Well said, René. I fully agree. It’s the best Mac-only software, and it works well most of the time. When it doesn’t, IGG has excellent customer support. Who cares about the name? Banktivity is fine; I’ve never felt the need to apologize to anyone for the name of this great product.

  • Updated to Banktivity today. I have one file so am opening the correct file. Looking at my accounts, several show no transactions after Jan 15th and I know I have entered numerous ones. I estimate several hundred. Ian, any help appreciated.

    • @Patricia – Check the display settings (Top right, just before the search box). Is it set to “All”? On my accounts I was not seeing a bunch of the transactions and then I noticed that this had switched (for every account) to “Cleared” (or “Uncleared” or something other than “All”!!! I never used that setting so I wasn’t conditioned to looking there until I had to hunt for why the 2015 transactions (which I *knew* were in the account) were not showing up in the transaction list. I made a pass through all the accounts, ensuring that “All” was set. (I hope it doesn’t change back when I quit the session!!)

  • Wow, people have a lot of time on their hand to blog complaints about a successful company name change. Everyone is an expert on the internet. Geez.

    As long as the program keeps organizing my finances as well as this program does, I don’t care what they call it!

  • Common Guys !!!

    The name “Banktivity” is just a name !!!!!!!! I could care less what it is named !!! I did not purchase “iBank” because of the name…. I bought it for it’s functionality not the name….If it would have been ” Banktivity “, I still would have purchased it.

    Banktivity, for my modest means, performs all the tasks necessary for me to help me with my finances.

    The only area that I think that could be improved, is the ” Old Archaic Color pallette ” . It really does not have the Modern look of a Mac Program. But then again, that’s cosmetic and very personal.


  • Sorry !!!! Forgot to add that every time I had any concerns with anything, “Live Chat” were quick to help and even took control of my Mac, when needed.

    There is no reason for anyone to feel like they are on their own with this Software.

  • I have found the system much slower as it updates to the cloud several times a minute. It stops recognizing my typing whilst it is doing this. It also flicks through several similar names when I start to type in a transaction. Before the cloud it would recognize the name after a couple of strokes not flick through all names beginning with the letters.

    Will the old feature of allowing scheduled payments to automatically post to the accounts on due dates be part of the current features any time soon? Having to select one at a time and click post – then wait for it to post – which may be slowed down as the system is doing a backup to icloud takes forever. Today I had 10 to do and the update happened every second entry. What a waste of time!

  • Excellent product. I would not have changed the name unless there was a legal challenge. It was simple and elegant. Decision made. As time passes we’ll get used to it.

  • My question is TOO simple… Why can’t the new iBank, BankAccount, or whatever you call it, just pick-up my current file and run with it. Also… Why a fee for a new name, gimme improved software. and Why the sudden action without any warning to us users. I guess that’s NOT really simple, but I would like answers. [ BTW does anyone know of another Bank Account Application ]

    • Banktivity should be able to open your last saved document without any issue. Also, Banktivity 5.6.5 is free for all registered users of iBank 5. There is a upgrade price of $29.99 when going from iBank 4 to Banktivit/iBank 5.

  • Great program with wonderful organization and report capabilities. I’m still using v:5.5.1 as I’m afraid to disturb anything for fear of losing hours of work as happened once with Quicken. One small complaint: I cannot open the program by double clicking one the icon. When I do it comes up with a new, empty file. Does the upgrade fix this?

    Complaints about the name change are ridiculous and trivial.

  • Why do I get an update every time I open the program. This is very annoying. Why don’t you release one comprehensive update. I think I’m up to 29.

  • New name, whatever. When can we print the receipts connected to the transactions? Asked for that several years ago…

  • Yet another upgrade……

    …… but how can I find out in what way it’s been upgraded?

    I just can’t see any information anywhere – certainly not in this blog.

    There should be some sort of information – a notification when the upgrade first opens, perhaps? It’s very frustrating not knowing.

  • I have been using iBank for a few years (having gotten a Mac and not liking the migration of my “system” from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for the Mac). So I bit the bullet and purchased iBank, and my system of categories migrated perfectly. So now my question is, do I just install Banktivity and the program will work just as before? I’ve already been upset with “lost” transactions (after scrolling through some of my past reconciliation statements) and was very upset to have to “fix” them again. I am scrupulous about reconciling my statements to the penny each month. So will this new “Banktivity” fix that? And as to the name, well, I sort of agree with others. But I wouldn’t ever lose any sleep over it. Ha! Thanks!

  • Well, I just installed Banktivity, and it’s working fine, but I do wonder about the “lost” transactions from my reconciliation statements. Thanks!

  • It’s a new name, who cares. Does the program work better than Quicken? Is it worth the $$ to buy it? They can call it Pootivity and I would still buy it because it blows away everything on the market on the Mac. Isn’t THAT the goal? Get over the name change folks. Chang eis not a bad thing. Good grief!

  • Feature suggestion: Scheduled transactions that take into account weekends. Checkbox on scheduled transaction for ‘enter on Friday prior’ or ‘enter on Monday following’. And ensure forecasting takes this into account.

  • I wish the hidden accounts balances could be excluded from the summary totals. Also Instead of downloading every time the app is started I wish that the online access could be set to a schedule time like every 3,6,12 or 24 hours.

  • Well, I just bought iBank in January and like it pretty much- sort of. I’ve been having a time consuming problem of reconciling my account. A chat did not help, so I’ve spent hours in the details, and finally had the it do an “adjust” for March. I still don’t know why it was continually wrong, but hope next month will go OK.
    However after reading the comments above, I’m really reluctant to change to “Banktivity”. Seriously, I cannot spend the amount of time I have on something that’s supposed to save me time and effort. I am in a quandary and wonder what happens (or doesn’t) if I don’t switch.


    (Yes, I am screaming, as the font size sucks – waaayyyy too small for us ocularly challenged people).

  • I am very happy with the functionality of Banktivity, but I would love to have an easy, direct way to back things up onto a thumb drive, etc. Thoughts?

  • I’m not sure what change was made in the overhaul version a year ago, but my dates are off by a day because of the time change between UK and USA. My bank has gone out of their way to try and help me, but it is an iBank issue, and this didn’t happen with the version before September 2015. I can still load the old version and even tho there are issues with how it pulls the transactions, the dates are all correct. I have to change every single transaction to the next days’ date. This and report duplication capabilities would put me in a dreamland with this great software!

  • I know this is an older thread but I couldn’t resist posting. I am a trademark attorney. The new mark “Banktivity” is a fine choice. Many of the posts here against the new name do not understand trademark law.

  • I like the new name. Although I’m a long time Mac users, the “i” names have always, to me, had a connotation to selfishness “i first”, all about me. That’s typical of the world we live in. Banktivity speaks of exactly what the program does (bank activity). I like the simplicity and straightforwardness of the name. I have read very good reviews and plan to purchase Banktivity for the first time today. What’s most important, of course is how the program behaves…it’s usefulness. Words without action are nothing. So, I look forward to seeing what Banktivity has to offer.

  • You know what I think? IGG is going to make their app for Windows and/or Android, and they want to change the name for that reason. I’m thinking they want to go head to head with Quicken, and their future is not just for Apple.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong here, but time will definitely tell.

  • It has a lot of potential and it would have even more IF i could read the register. But I am 65 and the font size appears to be about 7 point on my IMAC. if i squint and lean forward over my desk–most uncomfortable–until my eyes are ten inches away from the screen, I can kind of read the register. I recently switched to an IMAC from a PC and from Quicken (which i started using in 1984) to your program. Just give me options for fonts, display features etc so i can make it a comfortable experience. The basic mechanics and functions seem fine.

    • I agree. It really needs at least the minimal functionality of a zoom command. Using a magnifying glass on a 27 inch iMac is not an intuitive experience.

  • Hello,
    I wish that developpers implement the way to show TOTAL ammount of selected transactions
    Other finance programs do that simply..

    It would be great to select some transactions and BANKTIVITY show their TOTAL

    Thank you for this wonderful program

  • I’ve been out of the states for a few months (do not perform updates aboard) and was shocked at this, sorry, amateurish name change! I understand the Apple iWork transaction, good for you however, this name has NO mojo!

  • Hey folks. I’m not sure why you are making this so hard for me to buy something from you, but it is nearly impossible (well it is impossible) to buy the extension for my direct access. Someone can get in tough with me asap, or I am moving over to Quicken. Let’s hope you figure this out pretty soon.

  • I just bought a Mac Pro and am looking for a replacement for Microsoft Money 2007 for PC. Will I be able to import my money files to Banktivity? I do not do anything online and will not connect to my bank. I do every transaction manually with multiple categories and sub-categories. Makes for very easy tax prep. And I manually reconcile my statements. I also want to back up my information to a flash drive. Please let me know if this is all possible with this program. Thank you.

  • Banktivity is just a terrible name. I like the application, it is functional and meets all of my requirements with very little complication. I have a wide range of accounts, normal checking, regular market investments, IRA’s, TSP and rental property. Bansktivityvlaey handles them all well but the name is just atrocious. The only think would recommend is making category icons easier to change and more of them. I use the icons as quick visual to whats going on.

  • Your original rationale for name change seems entirely rational..never sweat it! Things I love about your product are : 1. the ability to track my spending on the hoof using my iPhone and your cloud syncing ( I post scheduled transactions on a rolling future 3 months basis to let me do this) and 2. The ability to use reports to project spending lets me test the impact of changes very quickly.
    Thanks for a great bundle of products.

  • Can someone tell me the major differences between iBank and Banktivity? I purchased iBank late mid 2015, upgraded to the last version and wondering what was changed other than the name to justify repurchasing the entire program as I see no upgrade pricing anywhere. I was sent an email a year ago, 6 months after purchasing iBank, stating the name change and I could own it for another $60. What? Still wondering if the $60 jump is worth it? Thanks

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