I am back once again to talk about the new reporting engine in iBank. But before I do that I want to recap where we have been, and to give you a preview of were we are going. In “Too Many Secrets,” I started to describe why we wanted better reporting within iBank and what our… Read More

In my last post I talked about the four major things we set out to accomplish with the new reports. This time I want to focus on the first goal, “Combine charts and reports so that you do not have to create a chart to get a report.” On the surface this sounds trivial but… Read More

I have been working on some cool, secret stuff down in the research kitchen that I would like to share with you. Before we start I have to say, as nicely as possible: “I cannot answer any questions about when this will be done and/or shipping, so PLEASE don’t ask.” We’re not close enough to… Read More