I write code (and sometime blog posts). So as the rest of the company was getting ready for iBank 4, designing the new package, making web pages, shooting videos (which are really awesome BTW) and pressing CDs, I have had some down time. I have been taking long walks on the beach, smelling the flowers,… Read More

In June 2009, on a Thursday evening, my brother James and I sat down for dinner at a small trattoria in downtown San Francisco. Over a delicious Italian meal we began brainstorming a vision and plan for iBank version 4. We asked ourselves what features from version 3 should really be taken to the next… Read More

Sorry to not have updated everyone sooner. We have been hard at work here on a lot of exciting things for iBank. This is going to be my last post about reports so I need to cover my last two topics. The first topic is drilling down through reports to get to more detailed data…… Read More