In my last post I talked about the four major things we set out to accomplish with the new reports. This time I want to focus on the first goal, “Combine charts and reports so that you do not have to create a chart to get a report.” On the surface this sounds trivial but… Read More

I have been working on some cool, secret stuff down in the research kitchen that I would like to share with you. Before we start I have to say, as nicely as possible: “I cannot answer any questions about when this will be done and/or shipping, so PLEASE don’t ask.” We’re not close enough to… Read More

If we’ve been a little quieter than usual here, it’s probably because that past few months have been more about polish than big announcements. Once iBank Mobile hit the streets and we made it through the release of Snow Leopard, we spent the fall making minor improvements to the iPhone app (the next update will… Read More