Today I’m happy to announce Banktivity 6, coming in Spring 2017.  Banktivity 6 delivers our customers’ most requested features, like Tags and Quick Reports, and introduces some new innovative features like Workspaces. Customers will also love our new Portfolio, Report Groups, and Find features. Banktivity 6 is for macOS Sierra only.

Starting today, anyone buying Banktivity 5 directly from IGG Software will get a free code to unlock Banktivity 6. Existing Banktivity 5 customers can upgrade to Banktivity 6 for $29.99. Regular pricing will be $64.99. All prices in USD. Unfortunately, due to limitations with the Mac App Store, we cannot offer upgrade pricing to customers that want to continue to purchase there.

Here is the full press release…

Banktivity 6


PUTNEY, VT, January 24, 2017 – IGG Software today announced a new version of its popular personal financial manager, Banktivity. The new version, Banktivity 6, has been designed from the ground up with customer productivity and enhanced features as the driving goals.

“Banktivity 6 is the biggest release in the history of the product,” said IGG President and founder Ian Gillespie. “The new version brings to the forefront your most important financial information, yet allows an amazing amount of customization so customers can see and organize their finances in a way that is helpful to them.”

Banktivity 6’s new features were driven by customer feedback, new technologies and a quest to provide the most comprehensive and easy to use financial manager for macOS.


Workspaces is a brand new feature that allows customers to put any account, budget, report or other view, side-by-side. This boosts productivity by allowing a customer to see several different parts of their finances next to each other. For example, users can put transactions for an account next to a budget to see how recent spending affects the budget.

“In particular I am struck by the extensive linking capabilities. The charts, the reports, the registers…it seems like everything is connected and available for drilling down or climbing up,” reported a Banktivity 6 beta tester.

The Workspaces feature is the first of its kind in a Mac personal finance software, offering the user an incredible amount of power and flexibility.


Tags allow users to see and analyze spending habits across categories. Now when a person goes on vacation and spends money on dining out, gas, air fare and hotels they can tag all those transactions as a “vacation.” Then later report on spending just for that vacation. This powerful new feature helps small business owners and individuals easily track any aspect of their income or spending.

Quick Reports

Quick Reports let users dive into their finances quickly and easily. Customers can select transactions and then quickly bring up a report based on the selection. Quick Reports will also allow users to drill down and get more details about their investments or more details on spending. For example, if a customer were wondering how much money was donated to a specific charity last year, a Banktivity 6 Quick Report answers that question with one click. Quick Reports can easily be saved for later with a quick drag to the sidebar.


Find is a new, fast and powerful, document-wide search feature. With Find, customers can search almost any part of any transaction within an entire Banktivity document. The transactions that match the search criteria are grouped by account which keeps them in context.  People can also edit and change transaction right from the Find screen.


Portfolio is a new feature in the sidebar that gives quick access to the performance of investments. Customers can customize it to show investments by account, type or risk factor. While the Portfolio view shows all of the high-level information needed like cost basis, value, gain/loss, security price and IRR, customers can get more detailed information by clicking on a security for a complete analysis of that holding. The new Portfolio features makes tracking the performance of investments effortless.

Additional Improvements

The entire user-interface was overhauled for Banktivity 6 to match the modern experience with macOS Sierra

“When we set out to work on Banktivity 6 we knew we had a great opportunity to redesign it, from the simplest list of transactions to introducing killer new features, like Workspace,” said Gillespie.

Banktivity 6 is the biggest release in the history of the product. Customers will find no pixel left unturned and will be treated to over 100 changes and enhancements, like a new transaction editor with improved keyboard support, new reconciliation process, a new summary view, improved transaction downloads, more flexible budgeting, easier in-app navigation, redesigned reports and more.

“In very simple terms, the app ticks all the boxes (and much more) PLUS with the ability to sync to the cloud, I am never far from my information via the iOS apps,” said J.W. a Banktivity 6 beta tester.

Banktivity also allows you to pay bills from within the app*, schedule transactions, setup budgets, track income, spending and savings rate and much more. Direct Access (purchased separately) and Direct Download allow customers to connect to over 10,000 different banks to download their financial data.

Pricing & Availability

Banktivity 6 will be released in spring of 2017 for $64.99 USD. Customers upgrading from version 5 purchased either directly from IGG Software or the Mac App Store will qualify for upgrade pricing of $29.99 USD. Banktivity 6 requires macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Customers who purchased Banktivity 5 from the IGG Store, after January 23, 2017 until the time of the release of Banktivity 6, will receive a free registration code to unlock Banktivity 6.

About IGG Software, Inc.

IGG Software, Inc. develops the Banktivity family of personal finance management solutions exclusively for macOS and iOS, including Banktivity for Mac, Banktivity for iPhone, and Banktivity for iPad. Founded in 2003, the Putney, Vt. based company is dedicated to creating intuitive, elegant and powerful applications, empowering users to budget better, save more, and invest to secure their financial future. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @IGGsoftware.

*Bill Pay requires your bank to support Bill Pay via OFX/Direct Download. Banks may charge an additional fee for this.

Banktivity 6

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252 comments on “Banktivity 6 Coming Spring 2017!

  • I see by the file size and package contents that a backup of the data is no longer created in B6. What are the implications of this?

  • Being a bit picky here…..but I really miss the inline registry editing from bankitivity 5. It feels incredibly clumsy editing a transaction now. You have to double click, a form then opens then you need to locate the field you want to edit. In Banktivity 5, you clicked the field and edited. So much more streamlined. 🙁

    • I suspect it is the price paid for a better txn split process, the MacBook Touch Bar is an opportunity to improve txn editing. Very pleased to see we can now interact with Popclip within the register, that will come in very handy.

    • I like using the keyboard shortcuts for speedy entry/editing:
      ⌘-N for a new transaction
      ⌘-E to edit a highlighted transaction (using up/down arrows to select the transaction)
      TAB to cycle through fields, SHIFT-TAB to cycle backwards
      ESC to cancel editing & ENTER to save

  • Is there a way to ‘SHOW ORIGINAL IMPORT INFO’ as in B5. I find that a crucial command when troubleshooting txns. PLEASE bring that back.

    • Yes, it’s there… but you have to ‘edit’ a transaction. You’ll then see a small ( i ) to the left of the payee.

      You can’t seem to access this with a ‘right click’ menu or when simply viewing the ledger. I think in the interest of keeping the look clean it’s OK.

  • Banktivity 6 isn’t opening the document on launch like 5 used to. Is there a way to make it do so that I am missing?

    • Hmm… mine is opening the migrated document (ie created from B5) and I saved that in the DOWNLOAD folder. Try clicking on the document itself and it should remember the next time

  • The Tags feature is invaluable and great for reporting, however I am surprised that you can’t add a tag to a scheduled transaction. I would have thought that when you selected a txn for scheduling that it would carry the tag(s).

  • Five things I hope make final version of B6 :-

    1. Space command in register opens Quicklook of an attachment.
    2. Search facility for Payees , Scheduled Txn and Rules
    3. A Find command to search data in reports.
    4. Support for Tags in Scheduled Txns
    5. Report layouts need a nicer UI , looks unfinished (I hope)

    What are yours ???

  • In Envelope budgeting, is there a reason why the Move Cash posts to the currently viewed month but Fill envelopes is hard coded to the current day? I’d really like to have Fill envelopes honour the current budget view. I made some changes to historical data the other day and also removed an account from my budget and did a couple of other things, which blew up my envelope amounts. It would be nice to be able to go through the historical data and fix up the amounts using the fill envelopes rather than having to do the move cash. Other than that, I’m really liking the update.

    • Oh also, can there be a checkbox for the monthly top-up of envelopes? When I edited my budget, I think it reset the internal flag for this month. So the next time I used fill envelopes it tried to add that months allowance again, which isn’t what I wanted. It would be nice to be able to tell the system whether I wanted to allocate that month’s budget or just zero out any negative envelopes.

  • Each time the Banktivity 6 beta version is updated it would be nice if a summary of the changes that have been made could be published.

  • I use I bank on my iMac. I do not have to pay for downloads. I just click on a button and it downloads. With the new version for iPad do you have to go with the automatic downloads you have to pay for?

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