I took my son skiing the other day, and while we were riding up the chairlift I wanted to check the time and see what notifications I might have. I started to fumble with my gloves to dig out my iPhone, then quickly realized the golden chairlift rule – those who take off gloves in… Read More

Our free Cloud Sync solution is now available. In order to use our new Cloud Sync you must have these versions of our products (or higher): iBank Mac 5.5 iBank for iPhone 2.5 iBank for iPad 2.5     We are currently releasing it as “BETA” as we monitor server performance and work out any unexpected… Read More

This is a brief update on where we are with cloud sync. We’ve been working relentless hours to get cloud sync ready. It’s going to be rolled out in all three of our products, iBank for Mac, iPhone and iPad at the same time. We also have the server component up and running with our new… Read More