Our free Cloud Sync solution is now available. In order to use our new Cloud Sync you must have these versions of our products (or higher):

iBank Mac 5.5

iBank for iPhone 2.5

iBank for iPad 2.5

Cloud Sync



We are currently releasing it as “BETA” as we monitor server performance and work out any unexpected data issues. The legacy sync options, wifi and webdav, will remain available until Cloud Sync comes out of beta. We’ve also had some questions about if a user’s data, once pushed to the cloud server, remains on their local device as well. The answer to that is yes, an entire copy of your data always remains on your device. If you missed our previous post that goes into the details of the workings and security of Cloud Sync, you can see it here.

I’m really excited that these new versions are out and I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do!


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Ian Gillespie

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Ian Gillespie
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64 comments on “Cloud. Sync. Now.

  • Went back to WebDAV syncing via Box. I’ll hold off on Cloud Sync for as long as possible, can’t afford to risk data loss when relying on iBank for iPhone while traveling.

  • Bravo! Created new document on iPhone, created new document on IMac. Engaged syncing. Success!
    One question: How does one find/delete old documents?

  • Returned home from my travels only to find my desktop iBank would not sync to cloud sever. Read the support article and fixed the problem….again! I hope that IGG gets these server problems on their end right once and for all. It’s getting old to deal with server issues. I’m starting to wonder why I’m using iBank!

  • Cloud sync is a beta product; I’ve been using iBank since moving all of my
    photo & video production off of PC to Macbooks; I couldn’t be happier with iBank
    as a replacement for Quicken and I used Quicken for 21 years

  • I only hope that IGG does Cloud Sync right. I have had ongoing, unpleasant experiences with cloud synchronization using an application for document scanning and filing – the name of which I will not mention here. One thing that IGG must provide is the ability for the user to overwrite the cloud-based copy of data from an authoritative source at any time without having to get customer service involved. That is a shortcoming of the other application of which I spoke – as is their customer support process. From what I’ve read in these blog posts, it sounds like this feature is being provided. Bravo!

    I have fewer concerns about the security of my information stored in the Cloud than some others who have posted. It seems like IGG does take data privacy and security seriously and if they implement the service as they have described it here, I’ll be comfortable using it.

    Now let’s hope that recent steps the FCC is taking toward net neutrality will help to ensure that the US Internet remains content blind, which could help IGG to keep the Cloud Sync service free for the foreseeable future.

  • I’ve setup cloud sync on my mac and its working fine. However when trying to use this on the iPhone I keep getting an error IGGAccountModelErrorsDomain error 1023. Tried numerous times of resetting the local cache and just syncing but after half hour of trying its just not working.

  • I’ve setup cloud sync on 2 macs and have bank syncing fine, however on trying to sync my iBank document to my iPhone and iPad is constantly get an error. Over the last 3 days Ive tried several times, including deleting the app and installing again and replacing local sync chance buy each time I try I get the error @The operation couldn’t be completed (IGGAccountModeErrorsDomain error 1023)
    Anyone had this or know how to resolve?

  • I just like to say a BIG thank you to Melissa who with the help if the IGG developers found the reason for a sync error stopping the iPhone app from syncing. It was found to be an issue with my data file. Almost 7 years of using iBank its great to know there is first class support available when its needed.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • It’s working well for me, although I get the occasional document invalid error and have to start again.

    Looking forward to a new update Jon, it’s been a while. What’s coming next? 🙂

  • I have been using iBank cloud sync for a few weeks now. I really like it. Like many others I have received the invalid error message. Instinctively I try and fix it with the RECALL DATA section in TROUBLESHOOTING on my iPad . When this does not correct the problem I have to go to my iMac and create a new CLOUD DOCUMENT. I’m pretty sure I have to then create a new CLOUD DOCUMENT on my iPad?

    It’s very confusing because you end up with different cloud documents on the cloud server created by the iMac, different iBank files on my iMac, different CLOUD DOCUMENTS for the iPad cloud server to sync with a cloud document created on the iMac (that must not be the same name) and many different iPad iBank files. I end up deleting all but 2 CLOUD SERVER documents and currently have 1 iBank app on my iPad and 1 iBank file on my iBank and things are working great.
    I just wish this service was not so confusing.

  • My only dissatisfaction with iBank cloud sync is my stock transactions were never updated on my iPad. I would get a notification (email) the next day from my financial institution stating a transaction has occurred. Next (using my iPad) I would touch my iPad app, give my touch-ID finger print, watch the little circles to the left of my accounts spin (updating). But for the month the new transaction would not show. As of an hour ago I think I found a fix to this problem. Let the new transaction first show in your iMac iBank application Then it will show in your iPad iBank app.

    I know in the iBank cloud sync information it states something about how iBank for Mac sends and receives more information than does iBank mobile — this stock transaction problem may be a result from this.

  • Admins are respectfully responding to troubleshooting questions here, but people with legitimate questions about preserving legacy features seem to be ignored voices. Please do not alienate those of us who fight to preserve our digital security and KEEP the legacy options to send via webdav or bonjour. Please do not force everyones data into the cloud, where even tight security measures via TLS are NO guaruntee that all of our financial data wont be hacked or accessed to 3rd parties. Even huge institutions like Morgan Stanley have been hit by hackers and theres much more protecting their infrastructure than a TLS certificate and passwords.

    Getting an iBank document hacked is actually worse than a bank getting hacked, because we use iBank to create a full financial picture of all of our finances across many accounts. With servers storing our financial information – iBank is not just a financial software company, but needs to outline more of what theyre doing internally to ensure us of where this information is being kept, and a 3rd party audit of the security would be helpful to publish.

    The most well-informed of your users understand that without end-to-end open source encryption, disclosed information about the cloud servers location, and a section of your FAQ dedicated to security provisions taken, many of us will feel as if there are more questions than answers and won’t enable cloud sync at all.

    Its becoming common knowledge that if a federal agency knocks on your door with surveillance equipment and a gag order, there’s literally nothing you can do (aside from closing down your business) from allowing the feds from tapping into all of your customers data. Read about the founder of Lavabit and his experience with the feds after he denied their request to allow the government a backdoor to his service: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/may/20/why-did-lavabit-shut-down-snowden-email.

    Whats concerning to me personally, is that this sync doesnt just go straight to iCloud, utilizing Apples built-in encryption, but goes through outside servers. With so many questions on this forum about the solution youre working so hard on, and so many people here pleading to keep localized sync options, I would stress the importance and add to the chorus of voices here – enough of your outspoken customers have voiced concerns here. Please dont decomission the private sync options that you have already spent time, money, and sweat equity building for us, which we rely on and feel safe using. Cloud is a great option for those who prefer convenience over control & privacy. Please keep these existing options to ensure iBank represents solutions for customers of varying degrees of paranoia. Some have said they prefer private sync, or nothing at all. There’s no shame in backtracking. It would be an important step to retain customer confidence in IGG for the long haul.

  • I will never be convinced IGG has, or will have, better security then multi-billion dollar companies that get hacked.

    Either listen to your customers asking you to keep the option to do webdav sync or alienate us. It already works, so why remove it.

    A suggestion to those concerned about this, in the event IGG continues to ignore our security concerns, is to make a backup copy of the current version of iBank 5.5.3 and especially important do an iTunes sync with your iOS device if you use Ibank iPhone/iPad of the current versions as of May 2015 and go to the iTunes folder and find the iOS bank apps. Usually located in your user folder/music/itunes/mobile applications/ibank*.ipa (ibank will have various versions where the * is located).

    Copy the ibank.ipa apps to another location and back them up so that you can restore them if IGG forces their cloud sync on us. It isn’t easy to stop an automatic iOS app update, so once it happens, you can restore the local sync app version back to your iPhone/iPad through iTunes.

    What a pain they won’t listen…

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