Every day I use Banktivity on my iPhone X. When I’m out and about I’m either entering transactions on the go or checking how much is in the Household category before buying stuff at the hardware store.

Later on, when I’m at home in the kitchen I usually whip out my phone to answer some question about the budget. Seems like these days we are checking to see if we can afford some minor home improvement projects like landscaping the front yard or reworking the back patio. Later on in the night, I often find myself shuffling money between envelopes to cover some expenses from earlier in the day.

Summary Brings More Clarity to Your Finances

Having ALL of my finances on iPhone is extremely convenient and productive. But I know I’m not the only one who wishes Banktivity for iPhone showed a little more information like it’s big brother Banktivity for iPad. This is especially true for those that just use Banktivity for iPhone without Banktivity for Mac. These folks have no way to see their net worth, get a quick overview of how well they are sticking to their budget, or check on their most interesting investments. Now some of this info is available after several taps, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a summary screen where they see their most important financial bits altogether?

Well, coming soon to an iPhone near you, you’ll get that long-awaited summary!

As you can see we’ve been hard at work on a new summary screen for our iPhone app. At the top, we call out your net worth and sub-totals break this down even more. If you tap on the entire panel, it drills into the current account screen. You can also tap the “DETAILS” button to expand and collapse the sub-total section.

Below the new net worth panel there is an area that shows your most frequently used accounts. This area is customizable – you get to decide which accounts make it “above the fold.” If at any time you want to see more of your accounts just tap “SHOW MORE.”

To change which accounts are visible tap “EDIT.” This pushes on a new screen with a really easy way to 1) re-arrange the order of the accounts and 2) decide which accounts should be “above the fold.” This is all done via drag and drop.

I’m quite proud of the screen to configure which accounts make it above the fold. It’s super easy to drag accounts above or below the “cut line” and you can re-order accounts within each section too. You can even just drag the “cut line” to where you want it.


Below the accounts panel is an overview of how well you are sticking to your budget. Similar to the budget graph we have on our iPad and Mac products.

While not shown in the screenshots above, we are also adding jumping off points to your investments and the manage section of the app (you know the place where you can change/edit your categories, tags, etc.)

Improvement to Navigation

We are also taking this opportunity to address a weakness in our app flow. Have you ever been looking at your budget on Banktivity for iPhone and then tapped the back button to go back to the accounts, only to realize you just closed the document? I still do this occasionally after years of use. So when we roll out the summary screen it will become the new launching point for the rest of the app. Tap Accounts> to see all of your accounts, tap Spending> to see your spending/budget and so on. Then when you tap the back button, accidentally or on purpose, it will just return you to the Summary screen instead of closing your document.

That’s all I have for you today. A short, but sweet update on some great changes coming to Banktivity for iPhone. Please keep in mind these screenshots are still in draft form and will likely change before this new version hits the App Store.

What do you think about Banktivity for iPhone? Are we taking it a step in the right direction? Let us know in the comments!

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31 comments on “Getting a Summary in Banktivity for iPhone

  • Looks good. Are upcoming scheduled transactions (ie next month/quarter) making it to the summary screen. ? I would find that very useful and referencing it almost daily.

  • Looks great Ian, I can’t wait to try it out. Also, please please please fix the bug in the budgeting that incorrectly categorizes transfers from the account you’re budgeting as income.

  • Amazing, I have been waiting forever to see this!
    Will there also be a net worth graph like in Banktivity for Mac?

  • I would you like to see my investment position net o taxes . is there any chance when I register a asset purchase I could put the tax of this investment?

  • Looks good. What’s in store for iPad? Maybe a direct access dedicated refresh button on both apps? That would be so much easier and intuitive than sliding over to edit and refresh.

  • Hi, Ian. This looks very promising, and is a feature I’ve asked for many times. :-))) So thanks for finally bringing it to fruition.

    My one concern is that the Summary Screen example you’ve shown above tries to put a lot of detail for three distinct areas in one place that might better be done with tabs for each of net worth (first tab), favorite accounts (or use the existing account screen) and budgets. My preference would be to see my net worth, as that is the first screen I look at in Banktivity for Mac, followed by Investment Summary.

    I’m less concerned about budgeting, although I can understand others may feel differently. I’d make the analogy of users who prefer Personal Capital to Mint: I’m more concerned about my net worth than I am a discrepancy in a budget, which I don’t typically worry about.

    Thanks for listening to your users, and if you need anyone to Beta Test the Summary Screen, I’m happy to volunteer.

  • Great update, and makes this app much more useful. I would add that my concerns about the “Summary” being too busy were incorrect: just the right amount of detail is displayed.

    Thank you!

  • Just installed the latest update on my iPhone and absolutely loving the new summary – thank you for this Ian! Lack of a net worth summary on the iPhone was my n number one gripe with the app so with this added it’s better than ever!

  • What a nice surprise I got when I opened up Banktivity on my iPhone I saw the summary page. Since the iPhone updates apps automatically, I was not aware of the summary page becoming available. I have been wishing this for a couple of years. Thanks. Now my wife wants it on her iPhone. I downloaded the app for her but it shows all our hidden accounts. Unfortunately, I have about 35 accounts listed with only 15 being active. On my iphone X the hidden accounts do not show. Thanks again for the summary update. Well Done!

  • I hate it! Is there a way to turn it off and go right to a specific account for data entry? I do see a default account can be set at the bottom of the summary screen. Still it requires two presses to get were I want to go. The old way my accounts came up first and I hit checking to get there. What I do and expect most users do is enter a transaction while out and about. I would prefer to go directly to a default account upon opening.

  • It’s fun to see the updates for the iPad and for the iPhone. (I’ll get the iPad version once it lets me record transactions.) But instead of adding new features, what I’d really like to see is time spent to fix the bugs where the Mac version mis-adds budget totals.

  • Anything happening in the “Banktivity World” ? Its always exciting when there are updates released !

  • I like the phone summary but would love to have posted, pending & actual balances shown at the top of the account screens like on the iPad version.

  • On the iPhone app I miss seeing how my income/expense compares with my overall annual budget. Will this feature return soon?

  • When will adding a pix of a receipt to a transaction be added to iphone for syncing with desktop app? I am a new customer from Quicken, love everything about your software, except this. Didn’t ask that specific question because I ASSUMED a mobile app for entering receipt transactions would include that basic functionality. WRONG! Any target date for this basic feature? Thanks.

    • Looking for that also. Still trying to figure out how to turn on memos in the registers on the desktop. After decades of using Quicken trying something new.

  • I have been using ms money for over 20 years. If I switch to a Mac, will I be able to import those ms money files into banktivity and still view that history?
    I believe they are .mny files

  • Please consider a One Way option for data when paired w/the iPhone.

    Use Case: Always enter transactions from the phone, photo of the receipt. Simple, easy, handy. That said, there is NO NEED to FORCE a full duplex backup of desktop data to the iPhone. No need to see retirement accounts, investments etc. when on the iPhone. Yet, the current set up for the mobile app forces all data in both locations. I am one of many who do not want to carry around all my financial data w/me on the phone, not necessary convenient nor helpful…more risk than value.

    Please consider a one-way sync option… from iPhone to desktop.

  • Hi

    When are we going to see some basic reporting in the iOS version of Banktivity. At the moment I have to add up all the transactions in a day to see what I spent???

  • The most recent release of Banktivity for iPhone rearranged the order in which accounts appear, which wasn’t a welcome change.

    Specifically, the previous version replicated the sidebar display in Banktivity for Mac: if Bank Accounts were displayed first on the Mac, they appeared the same way on iPhone. The new release changed that to show accounts on the iPhone in an alphabetical listing of major account groupings: Assets, Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards, etc.

    Can the display be changed to the previous method, i.e., to reflect what’s on the Mac version?
    The current version makes no sense to me as an accountant, as Current Assets should appear before Long-term Assets, etc.

  • I own two Mac (I have various residences) 1 iPhone, 1 Mac Book, 1 MacBook Air, 2 Iphad do I have to buy a license for each of these equipments

  • Would be great if there is a functionality to specify custom budgeting periods. I usually budget the period between paychecks instead of looking at it from a monthly perspective.

  • Cannot open and close the groups in the sidebar. If it is open, it stays open, even when clicking the arrow. Fix it!

    So far, I am a bit disappointed in the 7 release.

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