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I’m pleased to announce Banktivity 6 is now available! For those that haven’t been following this blog closely, you can check out the Banktivity 6 webpage to learn about some of the great new features we’ve added, like workspaces, tags, quick reports, find and portfolio. All in all, this new version has over 100 new features and improvements!

Minimum Requirements

You need a Mac running macOS Sierra (10.12) or above.


Banktivity 6 is $64.99 USD. Customers upgrading from version 5 purchased either directly from IGG Software or the Mac App Store will qualify for upgrade pricing of $29.99 USD. You can download a free 30 day trial and we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Ian Gillespie
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129 comments on “Banktivity 6.0 Now Available!

  • Why is my Date, Payee, etc. in BOLD type on my Cash account (what some have been asking for), but not on my checking account registers or credit cards? Some other accounts (Home Depot credit, Morgan Stanley) have a mix of a few bold ones and most plain text.

    I don’t see a setting for this anywhere. Using Banktivity Version 6.0.2 (54).

    • Hmm… I only get bold on new and uncleared, everything else is plain text. I think that was the intention. I have Group NEW and UNCLEARED Transactions (which you can set on an account by account basis). Check that setting on all the accounts where you see the discrepancy.

  • Even though my wife and I used Banktivity nearIy every day, I just today (May 27) noticed that there’s a new version! I upgraded without a problem and like the clean look, but I’ve noticed two problems so far:
    1. No expense timeline
    2. The Portfolio Summary doesn’t include the current share price and instead shows what apparently is the most recent transaction. I don’t need to see transaction history in the Portfolio Summary, but I do need to see the share price.
    Nice work overall. I abandoned Quicken when it first abandoned the Mac many years ago and I remain happy with the decision.

  • The new version looks great however, I really do love the “post” option on the toolbar without having to go into the menu. I have to admit I will miss the lines that are in version 5 that make the register look more like a checkbook. I know the clean interface is “better” but I am old school. Put “post” and “Calculator” in the toolbar and I would be a happy man!

  • Hi Ian, Team,

    Thanks so much for a great update. I really like v 6.0 and it’s features.

    One thing I’d love to see would be a calendar view of transactions — It would help, especially in the situations where a transaction is posted on a different day than the physical payment occurred.

    Are there any plans to include this as a report or dedicated view?

    Thanks so much.


  • I just updated. Love the new features. I’d like to suggest the following:

    1) On budgets: (1) Allow drag-and-drop of cash between envelopes. We were able to do this on Banktivity 5 but no longer on 6. (2) Add feature where we can create new envelopes, say, for certain savings goals, like “Vacation,” so that we can drag-and-drop cash when we like/can. On Banktivity 5, I did this by creating a separate category so that it would generate its own envelope on Budgets, but now on Banktivity 6, these separate envelopes disappears unless a transaction takes place within the Budget’s current specified date range. (If there’s a way around this, please do share advice.) (3) Lastly, please return those old cash-envelope icons!

    2) Although when selecting multiple transactions one can Add Tags in bulk, one cannot Remove Tags. Please add this feature.

    3) The global search feature is AMAZING. Suggested additional features: (1) Please add the ability to find transactions using quotation marks so that we can find entries with the exact phrase. (2) Please add an “Advanced Search” feature so that we can select between accounts, tags, date range, etc.

    What do you think?

  • Grouped accounts no longer show transactions (only the total for each account). This is a big miss from version 5 IMO. Primary use case was multiple credit cards grouped, and being able to see transactions of all.

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