I’ve been hard at work with iBank 3.3 and today we have released it.  The version changes are all documented, but some highlight are:

  • Improved keyboard entry (“Return” now commits the transaction editor)
  • New “custom setup” pane when enabling OFX for an account. You can automatically jump to this pane by holding down the “Option” key after you choose a financial institution, but it should come up automatically when appropriate.
  • iPhone web app has been restored to functionality (darn Prototype framework)
  • Future transactions now appear in Forecasts
  • Added an “At Risk” column to the portfolio view that shows you all of your invested cash, i.e. re-invested dividends are not included in this total
  • and much more 

Now that it is out I’m going to shift some of my focus back to iBiz 4 which is coming along well.  But don’t worry, I’m always working on iBank so don’t think this is the last iBank version until iBank 4 or anything like that.


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10 comments on “iBank 3.3 Release

  • Can you please clarify what you mean by future transactions now appear in forecasts? I cannot see where…. I have suggested that you have a mode where in the register, next to the bottom tabs to select “All” “This year” “Recent” you also have a new tab saying “Future”. The scheduled transactions will appear greyed out and the balance will continue to the end f the last scheduled transaction, offering a better way to see if an account is going under zero or not.

    This is the way they have it in AceMoney a nice windows program I have used for years before switching to Mac.

  • I wish we could see in the next release dotted vertical bars with a 1 week minimum resolution on the forecast graphs. Now is hard to see the date when a change in the account balance occurs and to make things worse the font for the date display is blurry. Maybe even a tooltip when hovering over the red rectangles with the balance figure (they now overlap sometimes), showing a brief summary of the transactions within that week, could be very useful, at least for the people that make extensive use of the scheduling and forecasting features when having many accounts and transfers between accounts. In general I think the graph display is a great feature of iBank 3 but that could be improved a lot.

  • In the past the Forecast feature it would ignore any transactions with future dates that existed in any account. Now the amounts of those transactions are included when calculating the a forecast graph.

  • The forecasts are now very effective. However, there is no way to export or print! This really sucks because I always have to type something up in a spreadsheet. I want the same functionality of what you have in Charts for forecasts. Or better yet, add a way to calculate using scheduled transactions in charts.

    I posted my ideas in the forum as well but since its getting taken over with Viagra posts I figured it wouldn’t hurt to comment here.



  • hi steve, the forums got blasted by spam this weekend, sorry about that.

    I’ll file a feature request for exporting of forecast data. Thanks for the great suggestion!

  • Hi AngelJo,

    Thanks for the request. The biggest impediment to adding banks for direct downloads is whether or not the bank supports the OFX protocol. It appears Heartland Bank & Trust does not, so I encourage you to contact your bank and ask them to support OFX. Once they support we should be able to support them pretty easily.


  • Any plans to make entering a new transaction and saving a transaction faster? I have many years of data and it is really slow. Could you also add in the preferences to shut off that graph over on the right? I don’t use it at all and every time I enter a transaction the thing has to update…

  • We are always trying to improve performance so we hear you that you want to be able to enter transactions faster. Until we do more work on our end, if you select the “Recent” button at the bottom that should speed things up greatly.

    As for the pie-graph on left, you can drag that pane all the way to the bottom so you won’t have to watch it update.

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