I promised I would write about iBiz 4, so here it is… I’ve been dealing with a lot of invoices coming to IGG, bills for ads we run, our iBank retail box costs and all sorts of things and I often ask for a statement showing what invoices they’ve sent and what payments of mine… Read More

I have been negligent over the last couple of weeks about updating the blog.  So let me remedy that.  We have data syncing from iBank to the phone working.  We have the database and code to access it in place.  We have some placeholder screens to display and manipulate data. All and all, I think… Read More

There is always lots of talk on our forums about iBank in its current release and future releases.  I’m here to provide some info about what we’re working on.    The obvious next chapter in iBank is version 4.  While we haven’t “broken code” on it yet, we are in the early planning and resourcing… Read More