With summer now almost behind us, I want to give an update on two major topics: 1) Direct Access and 2) support for Apple’s forthcoming iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Direct Access Update Direct Access is our technology that allows you to connect your accounts to your banks and automatically download transactions. Up until we… Read More

Today I’m happy to announce that Banktivity 8.3 is now available for macOS and iOS. While there are several smaller nice features in 8.3 that I will cover later in this blog post, the biggest feature by far, is Direct Access 2 – our next generation bank connectivity system. Direct Access 2 Please note that… Read More

Today I’m going to share some of the new features and improvements we have coming for Banktivity 8.2 on Mac and iOS. First, I’m going to cover some improvements that have been implemented in Mac and iOS simultaneously, then I’ll cover some of the bigger, specific changes to each platform. However, before I dive into… Read More