I have been negligent over the last couple of weeks about updating the blog.  So let me remedy that.  We have data syncing from iBank to the phone working.  We have the database and code to access it in place.  We have some placeholder screens to display and manipulate data. All and all, I think… Read More

I just wanted to give an update.  We are working hard on iBank integration with the iPhone.  We have the shell of an application up and running. Some of the infrastructure is in place and we are working to finish the rest.  The big item for this next week is hooking up the database. We got a… Read More

But, I am here to say that I am working full time on an iPhone app to work with iBank.  Now, I have been in the industry to long enough to remember that Windows 98 was originally Windows 97.  I also remember Apple’s cool next generation OS, Copeland, which would ship in the 20th century. … Read More