Act I: It is done When we first launched iBank for iPad we were pretty excited. Some of us had been working on it for nearly two years. We used the product ourselves and thought Direct Access, the app’s exclusive new service for automated downloads, was great – especially since it supported WAY more banks… Read More

Now that we have talked about what is coming in iBank for Mac, let me loop back and talk about where we are with iBank for iPad. Though we quickly submitted a large set of fixes addressing some of the major issues that users found with version 1.0, we are still awaiting App Store approval… Read More

People have been asking for some news about iBank for Mac. Let’s first start with what we’ve accomplished, albeit quietly, and then we can talk a little about what is still to come.┬áiBank 4, which we released one year ago, was our most successful product launch, and the press and feedback on it have been… Read More