There is always lots of talk on our forums about iBank in its current release and future releases.  I’m here to provide some info about what we’re working on.    The obvious next chapter in iBank is version 4.  While we haven’t “broken code” on it yet, we are in the early planning and resourcing… Read More

I’ve been hard at work with iBank 3.3 and today we have released it.  The version changes are all documented, but some highlight are: Improved keyboard entry (“Return” now commits the transaction editor) New “custom setup” pane when enabling OFX for an account. You can automatically jump to this pane by holding down the “Option”… Read More

We have a great user forum and excellent documentation, but we also want our users and potentially new customers to keep track of some of things we are working on.  So here it is, a developer’s blog for IGG. We plan on this being a place where developers and other employees can post about some… Read More