Did I fall a sleep? No, but it has been a while since I’ve posted an update. We have been really busy since the launch of iBank Mobile, with two small releases since then — mostly bug fixes. As of Friday, we submitted iBank Mobile 1.1 to the App Store. This release has a number of requested features, including running balances for each account, and color coding for transactions that are set to occur in the future. Look for it as a free update soon.

Besides our ongoing development, there have been a lot of other things astir here. We switched web hosting companies because our traffic outgrew our old one; we’ve also been hiring several new people. All in all, these are good problems to have at a small company. On a personal note, I have also been busy with my son starting kindergarten. That too was more work than I would have imagined, but again a good problem to have.

We are continuing work on adding features to iBank Mobile, so if your request is not in this release, don’t worry — we are not done. We said early on that we wanted to get something simple out and get feedback so that we can make it better. One thing not in the first release was budgets. We’ve been hearing that people want to be able to track budgets on the go, but we’re not overly happy about how the budgets in iBank would work on the iPhone. So I would like to ask for your help: What would you like to see in budgets, both for iBank and iBank Mobile? Let us know so that we can build a great budgeting tool.


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James Gillespie

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The head of IGG's technology team, James Gillespie has been a Mac developer for some two decades. He spent much of that time with Intuit, where he created consumer financial software for projects ranging from tax software and mortgage qualification applications to high-volume websites for businesses and consumers. Based in San Diego, James is married, with one son, and the brother of IGG's founder, Ian Gillespie.
James Gillespie
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14 comments on “iBank Mobile 1.1 submitted to App Store

  • I really want better spending thermometers. Budgets aren’t that useful. Let me drill into the details of the thermometers so I can see the transactions.

    More reports too please. These are very handy to have on the road.

    Lastly, the ability to generate expense reports from selected transactions. I know this isn’t a consumer-y feature, although it would be handy to have.

  • Are there any improvements to the sync setup process? I found that to be the most difficult and frustrating part of using iBank Mobile. It required a lot of manual effort to get MobileMe syncing set up.

  • Poor form to refer to competitor perhaps, but I really like how budgets are handled in Cha Ching. You can set budget goals, but the real value is that budgets summarize spending by category even if you didn’t budget that category. And selecting a category reveals history details in the side bar. They are missing a budget monitor and total spending per month v. income, but I do like the direction they’re taking it.

  • it would be awesome if you could enter in the monthly budget, but also could have it track you on a weekly or daily basis.
    Example you say I have 150 to spend on caffiene this month.
    150/30 = 5 dollars a day.
    Then it would keep you in check on a daily basis.

  • 3rd try to put comment here (don’t know why they goes to hyperspace)
    Have a look at YNAB approach to budget – this is the way I would like to see it in iBank

  • I know this may not that important to many but a “today” button would make things a whole lot easier for those who budget in the registers through a long period of time. Scrolling is a boring things…. Thx for an awesome program….Quicken who?????

  • I know the mobile app is your current project, but I’m hoping iBank4 is around the corner with better loan and investment support.

    I’m getting a little impatient with iBank3 but I do like the software.


  • I do not know if it is possible but I would love when I sync via mobile me that it could give up to the date balances. Right now it is only if my wife syncs via her iphone, I sync via my iphone and we sync the computer, and then sync both iphones again do we have up to date information. Would it be possible to just get the info from my wives iphone to mine just so I know how much is in my account at the time?

  • I would like to see a year & month-to-date figure so I could see how I’m doing in the month/year compared compared to how far along we are.

  • I agree, please add YTD & MTD that would be awesome. I think if you pull off the budget thing well… I may have to switch from quicken to iBank.

  • Hello. Take a look through the support forums on iBank for iPhone…I posted a few detailed (lengthy) posts there on the efficiencies of the iBank for iPhone.

    There is a fundamental question on the ‘purpose’ of iBank for iPhone. Is this an iBank supplement, or an iBank replacement? It looks as though people are trying to cram a bunch of things into iBank for iPhone that, in actuality, don’t really have much value… all the space taken for the visual charting for instance. It synchs ALL your accounts…who needs investment account transaction history on the iPhone (fringe). Why is EVERYTHING doubled up on the iPhone.

    I think iBank for iPhone would be much more useful as a supplement to iBank, not a replacement.
    It takes too long to enter data … so entering a receipt for instance takes a number of taps/screens that could be tightened way up.

    1) Let me tap an account to make a new transaction. The summary is already there but I can’t tap it. Instead, I have to hit that big plus sign, and THEN pick and account (redundant step).

    Ok…I’m starting up here. Go read the posts in the support forums and you’ll get the detail.

    2) Let me take a picture of the receipt w/the iPhone. The receipt sticks w/the transaction throughout iBank.
    (Dreaming here: Let iBank do the data entry of the receipt w/the picture.)



  • Agree with Rogue’s comment, but one argument would be the nature of users on this kind of app. Viewing chart&reports particularly : “budgets” on the iPhone is extremely useful when you need to recap the status of your “spending life” before making a decision to buy something on the spot (e.g. standing in the Mac store wondering how it would impact my bill if i buy this item)

    Please add budgeting and stuff like that in iBank

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