I just wanted to introduce myself.  I started with IGG in October and I am very excited to be here.  I have been a Macintosh developer for 14 years and love working on it and the iPhone.

We just finished a pet project of mine, a small game for the iPhone. Now, I am working on how to better support iBank customers who want iPhone access.  We have a lot of great ideas for how to solve these problems.  Although we have nothing to announce at this time, we do realize that this is very important.

I will be attending MacWorld, so if you are in the bay area Jan 5th-9th please stop by and say hi.  It is always great to hear what customers have to say.


James Gillespie
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James Gillespie

Chief Software Architect at IGG Software, Inc.
The head of IGG's technology team, James Gillespie has been a Mac developer for some two decades. He spent much of that time with Intuit, where he created consumer financial software for projects ranging from tax software and mortgage qualification applications to high-volume websites for businesses and consumers. Based in San Diego, James is married, with one son, and the brother of IGG's founder, Ian Gillespie.
James Gillespie
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4 comments on “The New Guy

  • James,

    One of your first jobs should be to map out a timeline and give us some idea about when we might ever see the proper iphone app. Read the forums and you will find that almost as frustrating as the lack of an app is the inability of Nancy or John to say anything other than “we hear you”.

    Tell us what you are thinking – the message from the posts must be that we are loyal and we are less likely to leave iBank if we are told what is happening – even if the message is that it will take another year (surely not!).

    Good luck in your new job – hit the ground running and make us an app to match the prowess of iBank.


  • YES! I second Fountainheader. Seeing that you are on board and are already experienced with iphone software development has definitely gotten my attention. It has been extremely frustrating to be asking about an iphone app to work with iBank, and only get “noted.” as a response. Seriously, just giving an estimated timeline will be very helpful, and you will calm a lot of frustrations by doing so. Good luck!

  • Great Blog, i want your theme please.

    “Conquer your petri dish, hahahahhaah!!!”

    Good job good job, keep us posted.

    You must use the iphone *Jedi Stare*, haha.

    Iphone Converter

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