One of our longest-running feature requests has been support for a “dashboard” overview of your finances: a screen dedicated entirely to getting the big picture of your money. Like almost every feature we consider adding, the concept is simple, but the implementation gets tricky pretty quickly. For this particular idea, one of the immediate questions… Read More

Back in December, we announced we were working on a new sync solution for iBank. It has been in development for some time now and is coming along nicely. Though it’s not ready for release just yet, I wanted to touch base with everyone to talk about how sync is shaping up. But first some… Read More

While iBank 5 delivers more and better options for bank connectivity, we also introduced some confusion about how things work. So first, let’s note that we preserved and even improved the existing connection methods from version 4. If you’re satisfied with the way you were downloading transaction data before, iBank should work even better for… Read More