I took my son skiing the other day, and while we were riding up the chairlift I wanted to check the time and see what notifications I might have. I started to fumble with my gloves to dig out my iPhone, then quickly realized the golden chairlift rule – those who take off gloves in… Read More

As many of our customers know, we have this great service called Direct Access. It allows customers to download  transactions automatically if their bank doesn’t support the OFX (aka Direct Connect) protocol. Needless to say, this service has been very popular amongst our customers. I personally use it for most of my accounts. Unfortunately, as… Read More

It’s been great! Now… let’s talk about 2014. We plan on this being a big year for iBank. Normally we don’t share plans like these because it often raises more questions than we can answer just yet. So let me preface this by saying that these things are all in different stages of development and… Read More