I reinstalled iBank Investor. Now I am seeing ads again, even though I paid to remove them. How can I remove the ads?

If you re-installed iBank Investor, or if you are installing iBank investor on a new iOS device, the app will open showing sponsor ads – even if you previously paid to remove the advertisements. Here’s how to remove the ads again:

  • Tap “Settings” from the top of the main iBank Investor screen
  • From Settings tap “Remove Advertisements”
  • Tap “Purchase for $4.99′”(you will not be charged again if you previously paid to remove ads)
  • Make sure you are using the same Apple ID as used when removing ads originally, then enter the password for your Apple ID account. When ready, tap “OK”
  • Tap “Buy”
  • You should then see a message which says “You’ve already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?” Tap “OK.”

Now the ads should be removed from iBank Investor.