iBank document crashes upon launch

We have had a few iBank 5users report that their document does not open upon launch. Following is a simple fix if you’ve run in to this behavior:

1. Navigate to your iBank Document (your data file ending in .ibank) in the Finder
2. Single click on the file and press the Command+I keys to open the “Get Info” window (for the data file).
3. Go to the “Open With:” setting about halfway down the “Get Info” window
4. Select iBank 5.app (default) (or reselect if necessary).
5. Click on the “Change All” button,
6. Close the “Get Info” window

Now please try to launch iBank 5 by double clicking on your iBank data file. It should launch normally.  NOTE: You will need to go through this process for all of your iBank data files if you have more than one.  If you are still having issues, please contact IGG Support directly: