Banktivity for iPhone goes where no finance app has gone before. And it goes wherever you do.

"...hands down the easiest and most useful suite of finance apps for the Mac, and possibly anywhere."
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The [Banktivity] app and MacOS desktop companion are hands down the easiest and most useful suite of finance apps for the Mac, and possibly anywhere. This is what Intuit could have produced, if they weren't inexplicably squandering the opportunity....[Banktivity]'s creators clearly seem to get what Mac consumers want - the simplicity of Mint, and portability of iOS combined with the power of what Quicken once seemed to be. [Banktivity] makes me actually want to track my finances carefully - and that is worth it's weight in gold. Or at least the money needed to purchase it!! ★★★★★


As a Mac user, I love the way this app functions....Great job IGG, both with your app development and your support. Hands down, this is the best mac financial program that keeps getting better! ★★★★★


Wow, this app has literally changed my life....It gives me the ability to manage everything from cars, investments, banking, home and ties all of it into one location while also connecting me to it all at each place of business....We have had several of our accounts breached in the last year and this makes it so easy for me to see what's going on with each of them live, all in one place. I was so impressed with this app I decided(with a little fear, to purchase the Mac app as well ($60). Initially I was very hesitant because of the price. But upon that purchase I, again was completely blown away. It tied these 2 apps together and complete amplified the entire experience....I am thankful for your creation. ★★★★★


The upgrade synced flawlessly. The cloud sync is well implemented and is a great convenience, both for syncing and backup. It packs a lot of ability into an iPhone interface. ★★★★★

Mac Since 1985

Flawless! After using my very old Mac Titanium PowerBook G4 since new, along with Quicken and a Palm M130 that synced nicely for a dozen years or so, I ported the Quicken data to my iMac for [Banktivity] 5, then purchased [Banktivity] for my iPhone 5. I refused to believe it, but everything went flawlessly! I have all my previous financial data and can use my iPhone to enter transactions for several days, then Bingo! It synchs within moments every time! The two apps were a perfect replacement for my old systems. I couldn't be happier! Exactly what I was looking (and hoping) for! ★★★★★


Best iPhone personal finance app - by far! I have been eagerly waiting this app since it was announced. It supports ALL of my accounts, including investment, real estate, precious metals, as well as budgets and banking. Synching with [Banktivity] is easy to setup and maintain. Overall, this product is robust, fully functional and another reason why I'm VERY HAPPY to have left Quicken for [Banktivity]. ★★★★★


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