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iBank 5 is now available

This post is short and to the point: iBank 5.0 was released yesterday. Check it out. A Mac App Store version will be available soon.

This is also my oppportunity to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our beta program. You helped us uncover some great bugs!

Here’s to a vibrant and prosperous iBank 5!


14 Responses to “iBank 5 is now available”

  1. Nate Thelen Says:

    The message on iBank 4 in the Mac App Store is confusing. I had purchased iBank 4 on the Mac App Store when it first came out there. Am I not going to be able to get the upgrade price and will have to buy at the full price?

  2. ian Says:

    If you purchase iBank 5 from us, you can get upgrade pricing even if you purchased at the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store does not allow upgrade pricing.

  3. Mark Perryman Says:

    When will the Mac App Store version be available? When you say a Mac App Store version will be available soon you make it sound like it will be a different version then whats purchased through your store. I hope not. I am waiting to purchase because I like the auto updates I get through the Mac App Store. I am going to give you guys a try and see how you do. I have seen such good reviews of your software. I am so tired of Quicken Essentials and frankly Quicken themselves.

  4. ian Says:

    @Mark The review process is mostly out of our control so it’s hard for us to give a timeframe for the Mac App Store release. It will be identical to the version on our site. You can also download iBank 5 form our site and get a 30 day free trial.

  5. Mark Perryman Says:

    If I download the 30 day free trial, will the app store version be approved buy then. I don’t want to start my accounts and then not be able to continue after 30 days.

  6. Russ Says:

    @Mark, I’m waiting for the Mac App Store release as well. Does it matter if you purchase from here in terms of automatic software updates that the Mac Store handles if purchased from there?

  7. Marco Says:

    Will iBank 5 be translated into more than two languages​​? Will it ever be translated into Italian? Some of your “competitors” has localizations, but I really like iBank.. Have you ever thought about that?

  8. Mark Perryman Says:

    @Russ, if you purchase through IGG store your updates come from IGG. If you wait for the App Store then your updates would come from Apple. I just don’t want to download the free trial and set up all my accounts and then have the App Store version not approved by then. Then I will be stuck without any working financial software. That is my worry, plus I like the automatic updates I get from the App Store. So Im waiting. Hope that answers your question.

  9. Marc Smiler Says:

    So, now that iBank5 is on on the MAP, its price is $60. Upgrade pricing from YOUR site is $30. We all know that Apple does not allow upgrade pricing, however that does not prevent you from giving upgrades or early adopters of 5 a break. I think us MAP users were expecting maybe a short-time frame of $30 pricing as well on the MAP, maybe for a week or 2? Care to shed any info about that? Otherwise it seems that buying via the MAP is 2x expensive all things considered. Love the software.

  10. JPK Says:

    Is there any way to have an upgrade in the MAP with the discounted price?
    The MAP is convenient, having all purchases in one location, automatic updates (although it is possible to have auto update within the software).

  11. Scott Becker Says:

    To Marc S + JPK:

    The choice you are faced with is the choice we were faced with: as the Mac App Store makes no accommodation for upgrade pricing of apps, we developed iBank 5 so that ALL licensed users of iBank 4 could purchase an upgrade at the discount price from IGG. Having considered numerous options, we felt this was the best solution we could provide for the greatest number of users. Customers who prefer App Store updating over the savings can still purchase via Apple, but it does mean paying full freight. Unfortunately that is the trade-off until Apple makes the decision to change some of the App Store’s functionality, such as allowing more flexibility regarding upgrades and trial copies.

  12. John Says:


    This is a disingenuous response. Many other Mac software companies (Agilebits come to mind as a prime example) solve this problem by having a limited time window at launch where the MAS price is discounted to the upgrade price. Further, assuming you guys will eventually join the modern era of syncing and support iCloud, that will only be available to those of us who purchase via the MAS.

  13. Jonathan Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to IGG for the awesome version 5 release, I updated from 4 and couldn’t be happier. I think the Direct Access feature is a huge improvement. Previously I only had some of my accounts linked to OFX and for some of those I had to pay extra to use that feature. Now I can easily keep all my accounts in sync with the online accounts since every single one is now supported under Direct Access. I’m quite impressed that this was achievable.

  14. David Says:

    As a long-time user of iBank 3 and iBank 4, I am disappointed to see that I now have to pay an annual subscription for direct access in iBank 5. Most comparable applications offer their basic software free if there’s going to be a subscription fee for online services. In this case, IGG wants a customer to first pay a a not-insignificant price for the Mac upgrade and then AGAIN for the direct access subscription. No can do — in my opinion, the additional bill pay functionality isn’t worth the subscription price. Thanks for the free trial, but I’ll stick with iBank 4.

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