About IGG

Who we are

We're a lot like you. We're Mac users. We like to go outside on sunny days. We have kids and mortgages and dogs. We are real people who happen to make software. It's creative, it's fun, and it can be really, really hard. Some days we feel pretty smart, but we never have all the answers. And when everything goes right, we get to help people like ourselves live a little bit better. That feels pretty good.

What we do

We write applications for Macs and Apple mobile devices. We love our gadgets, but we love our families even more. So we try to help folks like us manage our paychecks and our bills and our future. We also spend more hours than anything else here doing something important: communicating with our users. That means solving your problems, listening to your comments, learning new things or hearing great ideas. It also means we develop our apps in a kind of partnership with you: people who buy them, use them, depend on them, and sometimes, even love them.

Where we work

IGG Software, Inc. is a small company based in Putney, Vermont. It was started by Ian G. Gillespie, so his initials became its name. Ian is a real person, too, even if we hardly see him. We work virtually. That means we use everyday tools like email and chat to communicate among ourselves or with partners and customers, without coming in to an office. Instead, we are spread out around Vermont, across the country, or occasionally even abroad. No commuting cuts our carbon output, which is nice, but it also means we are a happy, motivated bunch. We wake up, plug in, and rock out.

Get to know us! Featured staff:


Ian Gillespie

A California native, Ian's academic background was in biology, botany and environmental studies. He comes to the field of technology purely out of personal passion, and has been writing Mac software for over a decade. He's also an avid birdwatcher, a soccer player, an old-time fiddler and an organic gardener. He lives in Vermont with his wife, their son, a dog, a cat, some chickens and a couple of horses.


Benjy Romig

Based in Pennsylvania, tech support's Benjy Romig is working on his PhD in Linguistics, with a longer-term goal of becoming a cognitive neuroscientist or a neurosurgeon. He's also a hardcore gamer, currently deep into Tekken 6 and League of Legends while looking forward to Soul Calibur V and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But there's another side to Benjy: he's also a hockey player, an Ultimate Frisbee coach and a swing dance instructor.


Nancy Caldwell

It's a toss-up: does she spend more time taking care of customers or her three horses? Probably the latter, but only because her workday is spent managing the support team, updating bank connections, doing quality assurance and more - along with hands-on customer help. IGG's second employee, Nancy decompresses by painting, cycling, volunteering, or going really, really fast on her BMW R1200 ST (that's a big motorcycle). She's currently snowshoeing and hiking the hills of Vermont, training for upcoming adventure races.


Joe Amanatidis

Before coming to IGG, Joe studied International Business. The "business" part didn't suit him much (he left a job at a big bank in Boston because it was too corporate), but the "international" part was more his speed: he spent a semester in Italy and wishes he never left. He's also backpacked around northern Spain and misses being in new places, seeing new things and meeting new people. Joe's big on sports, including hiking, biking, boating and especially soccer. Fun fact: he's been the owner of Joey's Scoops in Fairlee, VT, since 2009. Stop in for ice cream!

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