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Take hold of your financial life with Banktivity.

I am able to keep all of our credit card accounts, Mortgage, IRA, and bank accounts up to date using the app, and I can get a big picture of our financial situation. I'm very happy with the App. ★★★★★

Control Spending

Control spending

See the big picture.

Banktivity shows you the big picture of your finances by grouping and analyzing all of your accounts in one place. Banktivity makes it easy to add checking, savings, credit cards, investment and other accounts. Whether you enter transactions by hand or use the built in bank connectivity options, Banktivity will start categorizing your transactions. This allows you to see spending habitats across accounts, even if you and a spouse have separate credit cards.

Budget for success.

Budgets in Banktivity allow you to specify spending targets in any category (e.g. Groceries) and your bills are automatically used to build your budget. Building a budget this way makes sure you spend only what you planned. Ideally, you'll be able to tweak your budget to make sure you are always taking in more than you spend.

Build Savings

Build savings

Building savings is building wealth.

Building an emergency or rainy day fund is one the most important steps in achieving a sound financial picture. Banktivity makes it easy to improve your saving habits. There is a dedicated place to see your current annual savings rate compared to last year. You can use this figure to set a goal and see if you are sticking to it or you can even setup a monthly saving plan as part of your budget.

Plan for the Future

Plan for the future

Achieve your financial goals.

With spending under control and your savings building, it's time to start thinking about your future. One of the biggest mistakes people of all ages make, is a failure to adequately plan for their future. Whether it's saving for a first car, a rainy day fund or socking away cash for retirement, it's never too early to start thinking about the future.

A little investment goes a long way.

Of all of life's events, planning for retirement is one of the easiest things to postpone. But did you know that $1,000 dollars saved at age 25 versus 35 will be worth more than two times the same amount when you are 60 years old. When it comes to retirement, you really can't start too early, even if it's just a small amount each month. Banktivity can also be used to plan for other big life events like saving for a wedding or house purchase.

See the future.

Banktivity's account forecasting feature can be used to project your account balances into the future based on your bills and other scheduled transactions.


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April 5, 2023, 03:10 PM

Just announced on our blog that Banktivity 9 public BETA is available for those interested in helping test:

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