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Macworld.com: "A few years back a world without Quicken as the mainstay of personal finance apps would have been unimaginable. It was the go to application for managing personal finances on your Mac. Now it's hard to imagine that world without IGG Software's iBank 5. iBank 5 is a best of class app that continues to add features and value and which should be your personal finance app of choice... There is no better financial app available today for your Mac." (5/5 mice)

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Mac App Store: iBank 5 showcased as one of 30 "Amazing Apps" to celebrate 30 years of the Mac.

The Sweet Setup: "iBank 5 is our favorite budgeting and personal finance app for OS X. It does everything well: it's easy to use, has plenty of features for managing and tracking your finances, has a long history of consistent updates, and has iPhone and iPad companion apps. And, most importantly, iBank makes managing your finances easy and relatively hassle-free."

macnn.com: "If you've been meaning to get your money situation under control, there is no excuse not to give this system a try. We're glad we did."

teratalks.com: "There's a reason why iBank gets plenty of four and five star reviews from the Mac App Store, while response to Quicken 2015 indicates another round of mediocrity for Mac users."

mac360.com: "What's the gold standard for Mac money management apps? Not Quicken."

ilegalpad.com: "If you are using Quicken Essentials, iBank 5 is such a huge leap ahead in functions and features, you'll hardly believe it."

RobPickering.com: "Several new features in iBank 5 will have Macintosh finance aficionados jumping up and down and clapping their hands…an upgrade you don't want to miss."

Investor Junkie: "iBank has all of the must have features any modern personal finance application should have... It's great to see that with each new version, iBank is improving the product."

The Mac Mommy: "iBank is the personal finance product I recommend to my clients when they want to learn how to manage their finances digitally or become more comfortable with online banking."

Money Under 30: "iBank excels at financial software's biggest mission: categorizing transactions and summarizing spending... If you're a Mac user looking for full-featured software to automatically aggregate your bank accounts, track your spending, and manage your investments, your search may be over."

The Mac Observer: "iBank not only imports my Quicken data flawlessly but also lets me pay any bill electronically with just a few keystrokes... If you hate Quicken as much as I do, or are just looking for an easy-to-use personal finance program that doesn't suck, I think you'll find a lot to like in iBank."

Houston Chronicle: "I like it better than Quicken in every way."

ComputorEdge Online: "If you want to do a better and more accurate job taking care of your money, you can't go wrong with iBank 5."

ACT Apple User Group (Australia): "Two years ago I reported being impressed with iBank and still am. It has been a trouble-free two years. I can recommend if for all levels of home users who would like to keep track of their finances and don't need a professional double entry accounting package."

MacFormat (UK): "iBank 5 has enough features to administer the treasury of a small country." ★★★★☆

iBank 4 Reviews

Macworld: "If you're a Quicken user there's no doubt that you've been disappointed over the last several years with diminishing value in what was once the preeminent personal finance application on the Mac. IGG Software is set to fix what ails you... iBank is an excellent personal finance application that should easily replace any application you're currently using. Beautifully designed and easy to use, iBank offers you almost everything you need to track your personal finances with a minimal amount of hassle."

toptenREVIEWS.com: "The best Mac personal finance software, hands down." (2011 Gold Award)

Mac|Life: "iBank is loaded with tools to help you track transactions, analyze your spending history, create budgets, and generally keep a sharp eye on your finances."

mac.appstorm.net: "In my search for the ideal money management application, I keep coming back to iBank... it's been stable and easy to work with, and I've not yet found an alternative that beats it."

CNET: "This app hits the sweet spot between power and simplicity, at an affordable price."

TotalApps: "I have found a more-than-worthy contender to match the tools formerly offered by Microsoft Money....One of the most powerful features of iBank 4 is the amazing reporting system. It really is stunning."

The New York Times: "Quicken for Mac personal finance software will not work on the latest version of Apple's Mac operating system...another option would be to switch to another financial program entirely. Some applications, like iBank, can import your Quicken data to ease the transition — and work on Lion."

Macrumors: "As Intuit's Quicken options for Mac users continue to falter...one of the more successful companies has been IGG Software with its iBank software."

TUAW.com: "You probably haven't heard of IGG Software, but you will. It's the company behind the popular Mac and iOS financial software iBank and it's about to send a knock out blow to finance giant Intuit."

MacNN: "iBank is a complete financial package that helps you keep track of and analyze a wide variety of financial situations.... Based on program functionality, ability to replace Quicken, and price, I give iBank 4 four out of five stars."

The Apple Blog: "Still waiting for Intuit to do something with Quicken Essentials for Mac? Stop wasting your time and try the latest version of iBank from IGG Software. It's like Quicken, except it has features."

BrianJarrett.com: "...powerful, fast, attractive, and full-featured. It does virtually everything I need a personal finance application to do...I'm incredibly impressed with iBank 4."

American Association of Individual Investors: "iBank provides a great method of tracking your finances... For users who are tired of having to run Windows programs on a Mac, iBank provides an alternative and is worth exploring."

Creative Stimulus: "Intuit clearly states that they will not support Quicken for Mac in Lion, and that users should consider migrating to Quicken Essentials to Mac... I propose an alternative – switch to iBank."

robpickering.net: "Let's get started moving you from Quicken Essentials to iBank 4."

lowendmac.com: "With what I think are fairly minimalist needs, I'm finding iBank much more usable as a Quicken replacement than Intuit's anemic Quicken Essentials."

Five Cent Nickel: "My first impression of iBank once I got everything imported and started poking around was that it's a very nicely polished piece of software."

mac360.com: "What Quicken would be if Intuit actually cared about Mac users. iBank may be as good as it gets for managing money on a Mac."

Digerati & Technology Reports: "iBank is a terrific program. Having used it for a while, I find that it is actually more comprehensive and logical than my previous version of Quicken."

Practically Efficient: "Recently I gave up on Intuit for good and moved from Quicken Essentials to iBank for my personal finance needs."

AppleJAC: "If you are like me in wanting to effectively manage your money, protect your investments, and budget responsibly, you should consider buying iBank 4. This investment can improve your financial accountability and control."

Blonde on a Budget: "For Mac users, iBank is probably the most popular personal finance software used. It's also, without a doubt, my favourite."

Investor Junkie: "Out of all of the applications available, iBank is perhaps the most fully featured and actively updated."

iBank 4 has also been reviewed in Czech, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean and in other media around the world.