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One great piece of software, now available at two great stores. Go to the Mac App Store Go to the IGG store

Where should I buy iBank?

Now that you’ve decided to purchase iBank, the next question on your mind may be whether to buy it directly from IGG Software or from the Mac App Store. Each store has unique advantages and disadvantages - by identifying your needs based on the options below, you should find it easier to decide which choice is best for you!

Comparison of Mac App Store and IGG store features Go to the Mac App Store Go to the IGG store

Purchases from either store entitle you to top-notch customer support from our skilled technicians, free updates until version 6, and the option to download and reinstall iBank at any time. Please note that orders placed through the Mac App Store are subject to Apple's terms and conditions and can't be refunded or adjusted by IGG. For assistance with Mac App Store orders, please contact Apple customer support.