TD Bank: directions for enabling OFX importing

The following directions are for new Banktivity users and for users that were previously able to import transactions from TD Bank using Direct Connect/Bill Pay.

  1. Log in to your TD Bank account online
  2. Go to Account Options
  3. Select Account Services
  4. Go to Manage Financial Tool Access
  5. Allow Quicken Windows 2016

That’s it! TD Bank now offers support for 3rd-party bill pay so you can use Banktivity’s bill pay feature to send checks.

For historical purposes, the previous posts about TD Bank’s recent security update are below. 

We’ve been alerted that TD Bank is suspending OFX service to all finance applications while they are making security updates. You can read more about the service suspension here:

In the meantime, you should be able to update your account(s) in Banktivity using Manual/Web Downloads. We have a Support Article on our website that explains Manual/Web Downloads in detail, here is the link:


TD Bank has completed their security upgrade.  In order to reestablish a Direct Download (OFX) connection in Banktivity you will need to call TD Bank first and ask them to enable your account again for Direct Download.  If the TD Bank representative is not familiar with Banktivity, ask them to enable your account for “Direct Connect services for Quicken 2015 for Windows” – Banktivity and Quicken both use the same OFX protocol.  After TD Bank enables your account(s), you should be able to connect again successfully in Banktivity.  Here is the number to use when calling TD Bank: