Safari is attempting to autofill the password on my bank’s website using my info from iBank. How can I stop this?

Occasionally Safari may attempt to autofill your password information when visiting the website for your bank. The first time Safari does this, it will ask for your permission to access the keychain item. Choosing “Deny” at this step will stop it from using it. However, if you’ve responded with “Allow” in the past, the following describes how to get Safari to stop using the keychain items.

You can prevent Safari from autofilling your passwords using the Utility application Keychain Access.  Please try the following steps:

  • Open Keychain Access – located in /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access
  • From Keychain Access look up your bank’s website (without www.).  For example, to look up an account with TD Bank, in Keychain Access look up
  • You should then find entries for your bank in Keychain Access.  The entries should start with either ofx. or onlinebanking. For example, TD Bank appears as
  • Double-click on the Keychain entry for your bank. This will open a new window showing additional details for this entry. Click on the “Access Control” tab from the top of this window.
  • Under Access Control you should see “Always allow access by these applications” with the allowed applications listed below. Click on “Safari” in the list of applications, then click the “-” button below the list of applications to remove Safari from having access to this entry in your Keychain.

When visiting your bank’s website using Safari you may be prompted with a message saying “Safari wants to use your confidential information stored in “…(name of your bank)…” in your keychain.  Do you want to allow access to this item?”  Click the “Deny” button here if you prefer Safari not use the password saved in your Keychain.