Moving from Quicken Essentials on macOS Sierra to Banktivity

When Apple introduced macOS Sierra many Quicken Essential users didn’t realize that Quicken Essentials would no longer work. At IGG Software, we like to think this is a great time to finally ditch Quicken and move to Banktivity. This article will explain the options you have of moving your data from Quicken Essentials to Banktivity.

If you already upgraded to macOS Sierra:

If you already upgraded to macOS Sierra you are in a tricky situation because you can’t launch Quicken Essentials to export your data into a file format that Banktivity understands. However, if you want to reach out to our tech support via live chat or file a ticket (, we can actually migrate your native Quicken Essentials file for you.

If you can still launch Quicken Essentials and have not upgraded to macOS Sierra yet:

If this the situation you are in you’ll want to do the following:
  1. Launch Quicken Essentials and choose File > Export to QMTF.
  2. Launch Banktivity and create a new document and follow the Import options.