Is Direct Access secure?

Security and privacy were our paramount concerns in the development of Direct Access. We built both the service and its business model around those priorities.

Your finances are no one else’s business. Direct Access is ad-free. There are no third-party services offered to users. Your data is never accessed, aggregated or analyzed in any way that benefits IGG. And we never sell, trade, rent or share customer information, ever.

Security is the solution, not the problem. Our partner in accessing bank data keeps its servers in a space with physical security and 24/7 monitoring with intrusion detection systems. Additionally, access to servers requires multiple levels of authentication including biometric procedures. Their security infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected.

We didn’t forget the basics. In addition to your devices’s password protection, each document in Banktivity can have its own passcode. You can encrypt your iOS device data backup in iTunes, or back it up in iCloud with your other data and songs. Remember too that you can remotely delete all data from a lost or stolen device via iCloud.

Your privacy is paramount. Bank account login credentials are never stored on IGG’s servers. They are passed through a secure partner that manages bank connections over SSL and stored with encryption. We never store your financial data on our servers, either.

It’s your call. Banktivity does not require you to use a Direct Access data subscription. It is completely voluntary. If you do not want your financial information going through any third party, you can manage everything manually or sync with iBank on all of your devices.

Checked and double-checked. Our app and IGG’s servers undergo outside security audits to ensure that all transmissions from Banktivity that pass through our servers is secure internally and from any external access.

No ifs, ands or buts. IGG’s privacy policy is simple and direct. You can read it here: