I got a new computer or installed a new OS, how do I get iBank back up and running again?

If you have a new computer or have re-installed the Mac OS X operating system and need to get iBank set up again, please read on.

Mac App Store Purchase

If you purchased from the Mac App Store, go to your new system and launch the Mac App Store app. Then go to the Purchased tab at the top of that window and look for iBank. There will be a button to install it.

Purchased Direct from IGG

If you purchased directly from IGG Software, either through our website or directly from within the application, please follow these steps.

Find your original email receipt that has your registration info. (If you can’t find your original email receipt, go to General FAQ page and the second item let’s you retrieve your registration info.)

Then download iBank from one of the following links:

iBank 5: https://www.iggsoft.com/ibank/iBank5_Web.dmg

iBank 4: http://www.iggsoft.com/ibank/iBank4_Web.dmg

Once you have the correct iBank downloaded, install it into your Applications folder via drag and drop and then use your registration info to “unlock” it.