After importing my data from Quicken none of my transactions are reconciled anymore, how can I fix this?

When importing data from Quicken, reconciliations are not imported through the QIF file exported by Quicken. To quickly mark your historical transactions as reconciled, we recommend creating a “catch-all” statement using the following steps:

  1. Select the account you would like to reconcile and choose Account > Reconcile with Bank Statement.
  2. In the statement view, click the plus button near the upper right corner of the window to create a new statement.
  3. In the “Make New Statement” sheet, set the open and close balance to 0.00, set the dates to cover the range of transactions you want to remove, and set the “Automatically reconcile” pop-up to “All Transactions.”
  4. Click “OK” to create the new statement and automatically reconcile all transactions between the dates you entered.
  5. Click on the lock icon to lock the statement. The statement does not need to be balanced, since it is only being used as a placeholder, although you can adjust the close balance if you prefer to see a green checkmark on the statement.
  6. Switch back to the register view by clicking the button with four horizontal lines above the transactions in this account.

At this point you should see the transactions in your account register marked as reconciled.

Reconciling is covered in detail starting on page 86 in the Banktivity 5 Manual:

We also have a great tutorial video, “Next Steps: Reconciling Accounts in iBank,” that applies to both iBank 4 and Banktivity 5. It’s on our YouTube channel here: