A message to our UK users regarding Direct Access

We have recently learned from our Direct Access backend provider that as of September 14th, 2019, IGG Software will be unable to support Direct Access for the nine UK banks listed below.

This interruption in service is a result of the new Open Banking regulations set forth by the Finance Conduct Authority. We are investigating what it will take to restore connectivity in the coming months. We are working with our data aggregator to understand and meet these new requirements, but this outcome is not guaranteed.  If there are any updates, we will post an in-app message and put a notification on our website.

Please note that other UK banks could be affected. As best as we can, we will maintain a list on our support site. Banktivity’s other services and functionality will remain unchanged. At this point in time we believe the following banks will be affected:

• First Trust Bank in Northern Ireland
• Bank of Ireland (UK) 
• Barclays Bank 
• HSBC Group
• Lloyds Banking Group 
• Nationwide Building Society 
• Danske Bank 
• The Royal Bank of Scotland Group 
• Santander UK 

If you have been relying on Direct Access to connect to some of your UK banks you have a couple of options going forward:

• Download files from your bank’s website – Many banks allow you to download transactions from their website and you can then import these into Banktivity.
• Enter transactions manually – Banktivity has an outstanding transaction editor and transaction entry feature. You can manually enter your transactions and reconcile them with your bank statements to ensure they are accurate.

We are sorry for this unexpected upcoming change of service. Please reach out to support with any questions that we have not addressed.