I’d like to upgrade to Banktivity 7 from a previous version, is there a discounted price?

If you are upgrading to Banktivity 7 from Banktivity 6 or Banktivity 5 you are able to purchase Banktivity 7 at a discounted price of $34.99 (normally $69.99).  To get started, download and install Banktivity 7 from our website here:


When Banktivity 7 first opens, you will see a screen informing you of how many days are remaining in your 30-day free trial of Banktivity 7. You may use version 7 as a trial until you are ready to purchase. To upgrade to Banktivity 7, click on the “Secure Purchase” button. If you are a registered owner of Banktivity 6 or 5, click on “I’m Upgrading.”

Next, you will be asked, “Where did you purchase Banktivity 5?” Please select the option that applies to where you originally purchased Banktivity 6 or 5 (IGG Store or Affiliate or Mac App Store).

If you purchased Banktivity from the IGG Store or Affiliate  you will be prompted to enter your registration information from Banktivity in the following screen. You can locate your existing Banktivity registration information by opening Banktivity 6 or 5, and then going to Banktivity> Registration Info. When ready, click “Next.”

If you purchased from the Mac App Store you will be prompted to drag and drop the Banktivity 6 or 5 application file from your Applications folder or use the “Find App” button to manually select the Banktivity 6 or 5 application file.

In the “Purchase Banktivity 7” screen, verify that you are purchasing the Banktivity 7 Upgrade for $34.99, then click “Next.” In the “Billing Info” screen, enter your payment information; when ready, click “Next.” Once the order has been accepted, Banktivity 7 will register itself automatically, ending its trial mode. An alert will display your license code (you may wish to write this down) and confirm that your order was processed successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email within 24 hours containing a receipt of your purchase and a copy of your license code. Be sure to print a copy of this email and file it away for safe keeping!

Note: Banktivity 7 will also allow you to download the free trial from the Mac App Store.  However, discounted upgrade pricing will only be offered via MAS if Banktivity 6 or 5 was also purchased from MAS.  If Banktivity 6 or 5 was purchased from IGG or another affiliate, you will need to download Banktivity 7 from IGG using the link above to take advantage of the discounted upgrade pricing by entering your existing Banktivity 6 or 5 license information.

Not sure where you purchased your existing version of Banktivity?  Open your current version of Banktivity (5 or 6), then go to Banktivity> Registration.  If you see your Name, Email and Code displayed, you purchased from IGG or an affiliate.  If you see “Purchased from Mac App Store”, you purchased from MAS.