Can I sync my v7 document with Banktivity 8

If you are currently using Banktivity 7 and are planning on using Banktivity 8 and you use Cloud Sync, it is recommended that you:

  1. Make a duplicate of your Banktivity 7 document – go to File> Duplicate
  2. Remove the sync settings from the duplicate file – go to File> Manage Banktivity Services> Sync Settings and click “Turn Off Syncing”
  3. Import the duplicate file (with no sync settings) into Banktivity 8.

Do not set up syncing in Banktivity 8 until you have the Banktivity 8 apps installed on your iOS devices. And then only sync Banktivity 8 data with Banktivity 8 apps, do not sync using a mixture of Banktivity 7 and Banktivity 8 apps.