How can I archive my older Banktivity data or start a new year?

Banktivity does not have a built in archive feature but some Banktivity users have been using a process like this to archive older data (change dates to suit your needs):
  • If using Cloud Sync, turn off syncing first.  Go to File> Manage Banktivity Services> Sync Settings, click “Turn Off Syncing”.
  • Go to File> Save As rename the new file “Banktivity Data 2020”, or something similar.  (Press and Hold the Option key on your keyboard after clicking ‘FIle’ to see the ‘Save As’ option)
  • Write down the 2019 ending balance of each account.
  • Delete all the transactions from your accounts, up to 1/1/20.
  • Add a new Deposit transaction to each account, type in “Starting Balance” for the payee, and assign it the amount you wrote down for that account.
  • That should do it! Now your accounts will be current up to 1/1/19 and you can start with a clean slate for the new year or time frame.  You should also be able to set up syncing again – go to File> Manage Banktivity Services> Sync Setup
***Note: we do not recommend archiving investment accounts as this could inerfere with cost basis and the number of shares owned in your investment accounts.