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Where can I find details regarding the latest Banktivity update?

You can use the following links to view the version history for any of our Banktivity apps. The version history will include all requests implemented and bugs fixed in each version. Banktivity 5 for Mac Version History Banktivity for iPad Version History Banktivity for iPhone Version History Banktivity Investor Version History

I reinstalled iBank Investor. Now I am seeing ads again, even though I paid to remove them. How can I remove the ads?

If you re-installed iBank Investor, or if you are installing iBank investor on a new iOS device, the app will open showing sponsor ads – even if you previously paid to remove the advertisements. Here’s how to remove the ads again: Tap “Settings” from the top of the main iBank Investor screen From Settings tap…

Does IGG Software offer phone support for Banktivity?

In addition to these Support Articles and resources such as video tutorials and a user manual, IGG support is offered exclusively by Live Chat and email. This allows us to keep a record of correspondence so any one of our staff here in tech support can jump in if need be. Support is free and unlimited. Live Chat…