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How do I know if my bank is supported using Direct Access? Can I try it out first?

Direct Access syncs account data from thousands of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions around the world. As a new user of Direct Access, you can set up all of your accounts during a free 30-day trial to see how seamlessly Direct Access works.

Is Direct Access required?

No — Direct Access is a completely optional service. In Banktivity 5, your accounts can be updated as always, with no fees from IGG, using direct downloads from your financial institutions or with web downloads via Banktivity’s built-in browser. With iOS devices, your accounts can be updated and edited manually, or you can sync account…

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access is a service exclusive to the IGG Software products Banktivity for Mac, Banktivity for iPad, and Banktivity for iPhone. It allows you to view all of your financial transactions – even pending ones – in Banktivity as soon as they become available in your online accounts. Once your banking logins are set up,…

What Versions of Your Software Are Required For Cloud Sync?

To use our new Cloud Sync service you must have the following versions: iBank for Mac: v5.5 or higher iBank for iPhone: v2.5 or higher, 3.0 preferably iBank for iPad: v2.5 or higher, 3.0 preferably Our retired iOS app, iBank Mobile v1.4.x, does NOT support Cloud Sync.

How Do I Upgrade from iBank Mobile 1.4.x to iBank for iPhone?

If you are currently using iBank Mobile 1.4.x and wish to upgrade to iBank for iPhone, you’ll need to purchase iBank for iPhone here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibank-for-iphone/id919518925?mt=8 iBank Mobile was out for over 5 years and we didn’t charge an upgrade. iBank for iPhone is an entirely new app, completely re-written that provides more functionality than ever,…

Why are legacy sync options (WiFi and WebDAV) being discontinued?

Warning: Wi-Fi sync will not work with iOS 9 – we would recommend not upgrading to iOS 9 if you prefer to continue to use Wi-Fi sync. We have a lot of customers, and a few of them (<1%) have asked why we won’t continue to offer our older wi-fi sync alongside our new Cloud…

I have not received an email to verify my iBank ID or to reset the password, what can I do?

If you are setting up a new iBank ID account or resetting the password for your iBank ID account and are not receiving the verification or lost password emails successfully, please try adding no_reply@iggsoftware.com to the address book for your email application.  Then try sending the Lost Password email again.

Banktivity 5: How to fix an “Invalid Document ID” error using Cloud Sync

It is important that you follow the steps exactly as they are outlined below to ensure your document will be restored with the most current data. If you are using Cloud Sync and see an “Invalid Document ID” error it means that you need to send an entirely new set of data back up to…

How do I use Cloud Sync to share documents between my devices?

The release of Cloud Sync ushers in a new era of data ubiquity for the Banktivity family of products. It is now possible to keep any number of Macs and mobile devices in sync without them having to talk to one other – they only have to communicate with the cloud! This allows workflows that were…

iBank Mobile has been removed from App Store. How can I download the app again?

iBank Mobile has been discontinued and removed from App Store for new purchases. If you purchased iBank Mobile previously and would like to download/install iBank Mobile again on one of your iOS devices, you can go to your list of “Purchased” apps in App Store/iTunes, then download/install iBank Mobile from your list of Purchased apps.